For the Male Foot Fetishists

I am not one for male feet.  I personally think it’s gross.  But For the Male Foot Fetishists, this article might get your boner at least a little hard.  This was taken from the Daily Dot.  It reads…

Andy Smith still remembers the night in 1998 when he fell victim to the Southport Sockmen.

“I was at a bar in Liverpool city center and there were these two guys in the place and there were photographs being taken and these guys are kind of attracting a lot of attention to themselves in a jovial manner,” he told the Daily Dot in a recent Skype interview.

Curious, a teenaged Smith called them over to his table. Claiming to be collecting for the well-known charity The MacMillan Nurses, the two men asked for cash donations, but followed up with an unusual request.

“‘We understand times are hard, being in a recession,” Smith recalled them explaining, “‘so we have a novelty target the people can contribute towards as well, which is to collect 10,000 socks.’” The Sockmen claimed that the socks would be recycled, which would free up money for the charity.
At the time, Smith had had a few too many drinks. He didn’t quite know what to make of the request, but he gave the two men one of his socks anyway. Then they asked him to do something even more bizarre: pose for a photo with his sock.

“[They] said, ‘We need you to pose with your sock because we need to show our organization that you’ve given consent to take your property away,’” Smith said. “So I held my sock aloft and they took a snap and they went off.”

Smith didn’t think about the incident again until a few months later, while chatting with a friend on the phone. “He recounted that night and said ‘Do you remember giving your sock away?’” Smith recalls. “You’ll never guess what happened to your sock.’”

Smith’s sock had fallen into the clutches of two men, Steven Bain and Steven Gawthrop, who later came to be known as the Southport Sockmen. The men’s apartments were eventually raided by police, who suspected that they were running a fake charity. Inside Bain’s house, police found thousands of meticulously catalogued individual socks wrapped in sandwich bags with individual donors’ photographs attached.

“They were everywhere and anywhere,” a police officer later testified. “They were all over the furniture, hanging from lampshades and even in the microwave, frying pan and cooker. It was like there had been an explosion in a sock factory and socks had blown all over the place.”…

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