Worshipping Everly’s Feet


Worshipping Everly’s Feet was a real treat for me.  Her feet were much stinkier than she let on and omg, how I fell in love with that sweet exquisite stench.  Her right foot is a bit hotter than her left foot.  So her right foot was hot and wet, while her left foot was warm and damp.  3 major essences, rotten peach, fresh garbage and semi damp earth.  Her pheromones are the kind that stays with you for awhile.  Made me love her even more.  Thanks for the description, Chaz!  Her Beautiful Feet is pretty much, the only foot site that gives us 4k previews!  We love them and enjoy exactly a small taste of what you’ll see in his exclusive members area!

Date: April 15, 2019