Sucking the dried sweat off of her Feet in the Morning

I’ll always remember my first experience.  It was my first love, and the girl I lost my virginity to.  I loved cumming deep inside of her while staring deeply into her eyes.  I would have walked 1000 miles to hell and back for her.  It was an early morning after a night of clubbing.  We had been out super late and came in and basically just crashed.

I woke up earlier than her and had made some breakfast for her and I, which I delivered bedside to her.  She woke up oh so dreamy eyed.  After eating breakfast, I lay at her feet just admiring her.  I gently grabbed her warm left foot and took it up to my nose, where I gave a deep sniff.

What I got was unexpected, it was a very warm, dried essence of a deep musky sweat.  Curious, I gently licked her pad and what I was greeted with, was a variety of salts and the smell of her feet changed as wet was introduced to her warm feet.  It was primal and my love for her to be the intensity freak that I was, coupled with the growing shaft between my legs.  I took my time that morning, carefully going between each little precious toe of hers, savoring all of the bouquet of flavors and smells that were greeting me, a hundred handshakes at a time.

For some fetishists, I think that how emotional or how deeply you incorporate emotion into the fantasy or your everyday path in life, has alot to do with what your release is, in regards to worship.  For me, in my mind, that was the most intimate thing that I could have done for her feet. Sucking the dried sweat off of her Feet in the Morning..  Because that act was so intense, because many people would have thought that a guy sucking the dried sweat off of a woman would be disgusting, well, that made me love it more because that act was so intense.

As a sign of respect!

As something that I enjoy doing, even to this day if I feel that I really connect with a woman, just being submissive and going for the most extreme foot worship possible with her, validates in my mind, how high the throne goes, as far as me exalting her.  Really worshipping her beauty.  Although many perverts worship many different ways, some footies are just more evolved than others.  Case in point when I surf the various foot boards on fetlife or another foot forum.  As I grow older and more wise, I try to evolve my fetish right along with my age.  To mature and more understand the things that make me tick.  The basic question of why I worship woman and ascend her to the status of “Living God”.

But this one simple act, this one stripping away of my societal role and understanding true worship.  I wouldn’t give up my experience with a woman’s dried foot sweat with anything, it is really one of my favorite things to do.  To the point now, that I won’t even have a woman stay over usually, unless I like and admire her enough to wake up with a great surprise waiting for me in the morning…

Thanks for providing the pic!

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