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At Foot Adoration, I’ve been blessed to be helping to represent the online foot fetish scene for years. I’ve had Foot Adoration since 2013. Foot Pervert was my first foot links page way back in 2005 when such things existed. Years back, I got sick of seeing foot fetish babes and foot sites going 404 (offline), with just the memories of those sites remaining in my mind to remember. That’s why I started building directories in the first place in the early 2000’s. As an online library from the past, representing the present and gathering archival data for the future. That is my ethos for the functionality of this visual foot fetish links index and visual foot fetish directory.

If you love us, please Donate to keep this dedicated server and archival costs covered, especially if you’re a foot fetish creator featured here. I am sending you great convertible traffic and followers, please do your part. Where you’re at, what you’re seeing now, is my foot fetish, my everything, manifested into the physical realm and I am blessed and I am grateful.

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..News and Happenings

Summer 2024 / July 21 – Good evening peeps!  The new creators all look great.  I’ll be here for another couple of days reindexing and finishing some articles.  I hope you are all well.  Lots of financial dommes out there this time around.

Core Status – updating directory

FA News Archive

Family, Community

Hi, I’m Chaz Fontana, I own this visually stunning foot fetish directory. So I’ve been on the net since ’97 and I’ve seen quite literally, thousands of foot fetish sites and models come and then be gone with the wind. 404 (website or social media offline). Foot Adoration is meant to finally have a dedicated, beautiful repository for the foot fetish community as well as an online magazine. Have you lost your favorite content creator? A “one stop shop” where you can find everything from new and upcoming content creators with gorgeous feet or foot fetish centric websites and foot galleries. Stuff to read about the foot fetish community from my perspective, polls, special galleries and sneak peeks from your favorite content creators, “Hard to find” super niche foot fetish related content and a sense of community. Having a hard day? Just wanna just jack off to my foot fetish tube? It’s just a click of a button away.

I like visual stuff that looks amazing on whatever device you’re on.? I hate text links, I show you a thumb of what you are clicking on.? I’m not deceptive with links, what you see is where you’re going to land.? I’m extremely OCD (If you didn’t notice) and minimalist as hell.? I heart modular shit, all day long.? Foot Adoration to me, is my foot fetish put into physical form.? My interface has got to be sick, unique and show you visually, the online foot fetish scene.? I am also the first “visual” kink directory concept out there.? So please tell your friends about Foot Adoration if you dig it.

I used to own the Digital Divas Online network, years ago, early 2000’s and have been indexing this niche since then.? Women’s feet are all I think about, that, long labia and women breastfeeding each other.? Foot Adoration provides? our beloved foot fetish community with a proper foot fetish directory.? All links go to the content creators who made it.? Same on the foot fetish tube, as it should be.

This is how I index, Primary and secondary categories.? Primary category would be say a content creator with long toenails.? Most of her content is just that, long toenails.? But if she’s also a milf, mature, etc, that is my secondary category.? Secondary categories are the tags on the sidebar.? This niche overlaps, so if you’re looking for something specific, check both places.

I’m Southern and was born in Texas, I left there when I was 9 back then though.? I got my foot fetish from a day care teacher.? No I’m not a devil worshipper, I just love good fucking music and doom metal.? God is real and I really try to walk in the light.

Oh my ethnicity?

1/2 German 1/2 Mexican

If you like what I’m doing for the community, please feel free to “Cash App” me.? Everything contributed goes to paying the bills to keep the lights on here, shoots and content creators to book for shoots.

~ Chaz

surfer faqs

…dear Goddess

I just kinda plucked you right off the internet and am now feeding your brand yummy organic traffic and putting you on the map so to speak. Every link on your page, goes right back to your social media, as you can see.  You gain traffic, you don’t lose it. I am also a producer and know how hard it is to have a targeted audience, working day to day and juggling your passion to pay the bills. I do the same thing. My traffic is targeted, organic and free to you, in exchange for being able to feature you. I never buy traffic and my rankings are from years and sometimes decades of growing my brand and network. Your idealization is my “thank you” to you for putting yourself out there. You matter and I see you and to me, you epitomize this niche!

If you are listed here, but you do not wish to have the traffic from me, or be featured, please let me know.? If you’d like to stay here, I ask one thing in return.? Please give Foot Adoration a “shout out” every now and then.? I watch my traffic and I see who is sending what.? If I see that you are contributing, I will give you reviews and feature spots to drive even more traffic to your concepts, because I’m cool like that and “it takes a village”..? If you don’t I will not feature you.? Society is selfish enough and I don’t want to be working with people that have low vibrational shit like that going on.

I only source promotional content through your publicly available social media channels.? I don’t ravage members areas, and think people who do are criminal pieces of shit.? So please don’t come at me with “pillaging your only fans”, it’s offensive and fair use.? I only link to your “link tree” pages or your social media directly.? If you’d like to submit a temporary user/pass, please email me and I’ll be happy to review you.? If you’d like to submit a promotional video to my tube, please mail me as well.? I also have my own membership concepts and am always looking for like minded content creators to book and work with.? As a foot and sheer fetishist, if you’re here, I’d just love to smell your feet and you are much better than average.? For now, this Foot Fetish Links and Directory is “invite only”.? Every woman here is hand picked and I’m proud of that.? I am a woman worshipper and believe that there is a Goddess out there as well as God.

If I’m directly helping you, increasing your brand foot print, giving you only organic traffic and putting you on the map as far as this community goes, please donate.? Not only will you get your own additional page, you’ll get “ticker time” up above.? Not a bad trade imho so feel free to donate, especially if I’ve helped your income, broadened your audience, helped you out with “likes”, etc., I’d appreciate it.? Please send me a note to your social media so I know who’s who and i’ll get you started. 🙂

Contests – Every holiday, I change the ticker up above and if you are selected, I’ll link to your link tree’s and give you some “ticker” time.? So if you’re a creator, might be worth your while to dress up every now and then.

Archivability – Foot Adoration, along with my other directories think that your brand is worth archiving for future generations of foot fetishists to enjoy and “go back in time” as it were, to see how things were now.? Your pages will always link to your social media profiles.

creator faqs


..The state of Foot Fetishism on the net, 2024

Summer – Everyone is on the findom wagon and it’s kinda sad, kinda comical..

Summer – Ahhh the beauty, the flesh.  That thing inside of me is temperature activated.  Like seeing a plump cutie, wearing well worn flats and it’s 103 outside.  Good lord. 😉

Spring – Things that seem to be popular with creators right now are “fake bokeh” via photoshop.  Blurring out the soles, this pisses the community off.  Completely destroying the promotional purpose of sole shots.  Multiple creator accounts for this niche remains a big issue.  Last but not least, blurring out or pixelating feet.  Please don’t do that, creators, they are your feet, not your tits.  Super amateur and not alot of sales with that one.  Also if you have no fucking clue about what you’re doing, please don’t try to sell what you have no idea about.

General Rules

• Please, no more “blurry” or un color corrected images.  Good cameras are like 100 bucks at best buy.  This community is so over shit quality content, good lord.

• This community is bitter.  We’ve been fucked over so much by creators in the past and by all sorts of vile actions.  With the popularity of this niche now, anyone thinks they can throw their feet online and become a millionaire in six months.  Not true.  Don’t believe me?  Look at my 404 creator archive.  This is one of many reasons why a connection is so important to your surfers.

• My surfers experiencing any issues from any of the creators listed here, please drop me a line.  Any creators being harassed by my surfers, also please also  drop me a line.

• No kids, no pets, no one in this community wants to be jacking off that that bullshit.  Use your common sense please.

• You have to create content and be current with updates (within the month).  Yes it is work, but that’s going to guarantee you good placement if I choose you to feature and it’s good for your business.

• Not listed?  My placement is reasonably priced .  You’ll be online within 48 hours.  When I started, I listed creators for free.  This directory is big enough now that I’m ready to turn the page.  It’s not expensive, 100 bucks a year for exposure to the 50k plus organic surfers that visit every month, or 10.00 per month.  Please email me for more info.

( This niche is a freaking “free for all” and there needs to be some order, so at least in this directory, that is the name of the game. )

updated May 31, 2024

What percentage of foot fetish creators know what their doing?

what percentage of foot fetish creators on the net in 2024 are genuine and have most likely had they're feet worshipped once or twice in their life?

Polls Archive

Money – Power – Status

..interesting music? I spent most of my life as a goth dude. I just like dark shit I guess. It's not some religious statement or anything, I just thought maybe some of you might dig my musical choices, so yah 🙂

Just indexed Feet

Sending traffic to 778 Foot Fetish Creators, Foot Models and Foot Sites, since 2013

Coed Foot Models and Content Creators

What would this community do without our beloved Coed Fetish Models and Content Creators. Early twenties, pretty girls with stinky feet. Pheromonally, the twenties are a great group when you’re looking for sweaty female feet. That’s what I picture when I think of this sub niche. And all of these women are the epitome of that concept. Please surf to your hearts content, all of these hand picked beauties with perfect feet.

Foot Fetish Models and Content Creators

Ah Foot Fetish Models and Content Creators, or the women out there in the world with the balls to show off their feet to all of us. They work those peds off, trying to make a living. And in most cases, these women have some of the most beautiful feet that I have ever seen. With the way the net is now, you can interact with some of your favorite internet models in real time. Go technology! If you dig these foot models, let’s support them!

Foot Fetish Sites

We grew up with some of these Foot Fetish Sites. Why not check them out and also support our community. They also work their asses off, providing all of us with some of the most beautiful foot fetish scenes out there. I index all shapes and sizes so there’s bound to be something for everyone here. This is just a taste of what I have indexed on each directory page. Please click “See All” below or just use our navigation.

Foot Fetish Femdoms and Findom Creators

Foot Fetish Femdoms and Financial Dommes, including the Content Creators of this sub niche, are such an interesting subject because there are people that just like looking at women’s feet and then there are the Lifestyle Foot Fetishists who live and breathe women’s feet, 24/7, 365. These Findom and femdom directories are for the lifestyle foot fetishists who are here on this planet to serve. You’ll be able to see “mini reviews” of these Dominant women so you can pick the best site or model for you!

Foot Worship Sites and Creators

This community wouldn’t be complete without Foot Worship Sites and Creators. Foot Worship Sites that show the love and admiration that dedicated foot fetishists have towards the discipline. Finding cool women in their cities to smell and make out with their feet like they were the rarest delicious morsel. “Pay to play”, and it’s all on film for you to see and admire whenever you wish. Please support these concepts.

Long Toenail Models and Content Creators

One of the most integral parts of my fetish, has to do with Long Toenail Models and Content Creators creating the long toenail niche. Toenail width and length of toenail beds are also important to me. I think that it’s more elegant for a woman to have her toenails just past the tips of her toes. It’s so elegant, imho. Please enjoy and support these Long Toenail Models and Content Creators.

Chubby Feet

I grew up making out with chubby women’s feet, even loving to be at the feet of some BBW’s. Just raw power is what they exude and what I mentally feasted on. I still do. They sweat more, if you’re into the essence of a woman’s scent. When you want if really raw, you have two or three of these lovely women on stand by.

Shy Foot Models

I was kinda on the fence about this, but I’ve gotten so many submissions for this sub niche of foot fetishism, that I caved. These woman are the creme de la creme of foot fetish beauty. I have manually verified that they are in fact female, so no surprises there. They have all been hand picked for how pretty their feet are, so surf this library confidently.

Specialty Feet

…First library of it’s kind, that I know of at least. Subjects indexed here, include, but are not limited to pedal pumping, arch fetish, webbed toes fetish, foot fetish voyeur, toe spreading, and other sub niches of modern foot fetishism. Basically, just unique women with beautiful feet

Foot Fetish Reviews

I’ve been doing foot fetish reviews since I first started the directory thing, being a librarian of the internets, from the late 90’s. These are Foot Fetish Websites or Foot Models that have let me have a peek inside to show what they have to offer you, the surfer should you decide to join their site. These reviews are much more in depth than our regularly indexed foot fetish models and websites. The reviews are both playful and fun, so check out this library!

If you love us, please support us!

Foot Fetish News and Articles

All of my Visual Directories will have their own niche news by late fall. Foot Fetish News and articles are what I always thought would be neat to have on a foot fetish directory. Things that affect our community. Do you now see what I’m trying to build here? These are just my opinions on current shit, haha. I’ll try to be as “middle of the road” as possible on opinions.

Foot Fetish Community

Watching the net evolve and our Foot Fetish Community evolve, seeing those same foot fetish babes now creating their own sites has made me happy that I created Foot Adoration. I’ve indexed only the best.? So if you are looking for some of the Biggest Foot Fetish Models and Foot Fetish Websites on the net, we have them. We also have some rather obscure foot fetish content as well from sites or content creators that are sadly, no longer with us. That being said, please support our online foot fetish community and all of the websites and content creators listed here, that were cool enough to share their promotional content with you! Foot Adoration is a Visual Foot Fetish Directory and Archive.

I author exclusively on apple hardware and the desktop version of this directory is the intended way to view it.? I am also a programmer, so it looks sick on mobile as well.? However you want it, that’s how i’ll serve it.? Lastly, the visual aspect of this site is super important to me as a fetishist.? This is the way you’ll judge me and my attention to detail and aesthetics of the discipline, I do hope you enjoy surfing the fruits of my thousands of hours I put into this project.? This is an art installation as much as it is a functional foot fetish directory..

I feel that sometimes I am only here to serve women. The feminine mystique and everything that comes along with it. I feel most at home, at the feet of a woman, I have all my life, it’s all I know. Foot Adoration is such a big “Thank You” for all of the women out there who have ever been Alpha enough and brave enough to put yourselves on the internet for a bunch of strangers to beat off to and critique. Thank you for paving the way and for letting all of us wayward foot fetishists worship your feet with our minds for the past few decades…

Chaz Fontana

The Afterdarkkmedia Network

I’ve been around since the late 90’s online. This incarnation of my noted fetish directories has been around since 2002. The Afterdarkkmedia Network has indexed over 1500 foot centric erotic content creators in over 200 sub niches. From forced foot worship to sheer pantyhose. Please feel free to browse my trusted directories in this niche. Lastly, please note that every directory is different, I don’t usually feature the same content creators twice unless they are “God like” like most of them, haha. So you can be sure that each visit is a unique and hot as fuck experience for ya 😉

6 Foot centric Directories, 2500+ content creators and foot / sheer sites, 58 primary niches, 256 sub niches of the female foot are explored on my visual erotic network.

Social Media Feet

Social Media Feet

Social Media Feet is about foot centric content creators who, unlike the creators here, these women do not have any membership gateways.? They do it because they love showing off.

Gothic Foot Models

Gothic Foot Models

An alt Foot Fetish and Sheer Directory featuring goth princesses, punk, emo, club kids and other subcultures who are a little bit left of center.  Please check out this unique foot directory.

Foot Pervert

Foot Pervert

Foot Pervert has been many things since it launched in 2005.? Most of what foot pervert was intended to be, is what foot adoration is now.? Currently this is an interactive foot fetish gallery.

Sensual Pantyhose

Sensual Pantyhose

Sensual Pantyhose is a sister site of Sheer Porn.? I’m so happy to be promoting the niche that I love.? Like of my other visual directories, all the women here are handpicked for various reasons.? All delicious.

Sheer Porn

Sheer Porn

Sheer Porn is the largest visual sheer directory on the net and is just like foot adoration, but for sheer pantyhose, nylons and stockings.? With over 600 Sheer creators indexed, this is a sheer foot based directory.

Trusted Partners

…Representing the Foot Fetish Community online, very well, Since 2013.

Try us on desktop 😉 / Version 7.3.1

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