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Foot Fetish Babes and Foot Models have had a home here at Foot Adoration, since 2014.  Seeing foot fetish babes on the net since 1997.  Watching the net evolve and seeing those same foot fetish babes now creating their own sites has made me happy that I created Foot Adoration, with the sense of a surfer in mind.  I’ve indexed only the best.  So if you are looking for some of the Biggest Foot Fetish Models and Foot Fetish Websites on the net, we have them. We also have some rather obscure foot fetish content as well from sites or content creators  that are sadly, no longer with us. That being said, please support our community and all of the websites listed here, that were cool enough to share their promotional content with you!  We are a Visual Foot Fetish Directory and Archive.

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317 Foot Fetish Websites, Content Creators with Beautiful Feet, Foot Models and Foot Centric Galleries Indexed

Long Toenail Models and Content Creators

One of the most integral parts of my fetish, has to do with Long Toenail Models and Content Creators creating the long toenail niche. Toenail width and length of toenail beds are also important to me.  I think that it’s more elegant for a woman to have her toenails just past the tips of her toes. It’s so elegant, imho. Please enjoy and support these Long Toenail Models and Content Creators.

Coed Foot Models and Content Creators

What would this community do without our beloved Coed Fetish Models and Content Creators.  Early twenties, pretty girls with stinky feet.  Pheromonally, the twenties are a great group when you’re looking for sweaty female feet.  That’s what I picture when I think of this sub niche.  And all of these women are the epitome of that concept.  Please surf to your hearts content, all of these hand picked beauties with perfect feet.

Foot Fetish Models and Content Creators

Ah Foot Fetish Models and Content Creators, or the women out there in the world with the balls to show off their feet to all of us. They work those peds off, trying to make a living. And in most cases, these women have some of the most beautiful feet that I have ever seen. With the way the net is now, you can interact with some of your favorite internet models in real time.  Go technology!  If you dig these foot models, let’s support them!

Foot Fetish Sites

We grew up with some of these Foot Fetish Sites. Why not check them out and also support our community. They also work their asses off, providing all of us with some of the most beautiful foot fetish scenes out there.  I index all shapes and sizes so there’s bound to be something for everyone here.  This is just a taste of what I have indexed on each directory page. Please click “See All” below or just use our navigation.

Foot Fetish Femdoms and Content Creators

Foot Fetish Femdoms, including the Content Creators of this sub niche, are such an interesting subject because there are people that just like looking at women’s feet and then there are the Lifestyle Foot Fetishists who live and breathe women’s feet, 24/7, 365. This Foot Femdom directory is for the lifestyle foot fetishists who are here on this planet to serve.  You’ll be able to see “mini reviews” of these Dominant women so you can pick the best site or model for you!

Foot Worship Sites

This community wouldn’t be complete without Foot Worship Sites.  Foot Worship Sites that show the love and admiration that dedicated foot fetishists have towards the discipline.  Finding cool women in their cities to smell and make out with their feet like they were the rarest delicious morsel.  “Pay to play”, and it’s all on film for you to see and admire whenever you wish.  Please support these concepts.

Foot Fetish Reviews

I’ve been doing foot fetish reviews since I first started the directory thing, being a librarian of the internets, from the late 90’s.  These are Foot Fetish Websites or Foot Models that have let me have a peek inside to show what they have to offer you, the surfer should you decide to join their site.  These reviews are much more in depth than our regularly indexed foot fetish models and websites.  The reviews are both playful and fun, so check out this library!

Feet of the Week

Feet of the Week is all about a picture that touched me deeply as a fetishist.  This image changes week to week.  If you’re picked, mad social media love for you!

The Art of PerfectionQueen Linda May
Feet of the Week Archive
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Summer 2021 / July 30 – Hey all, still doing version 6 stuff.  I’ll be adding legsex promotionals to the gallery area as well as starting to add video promotionals to my foot fetish tube.  So we’re starting that early.

Update Changelog

Social Media Feet – This visual foot centric site is focused on women’s feet on social media.  They do it for the love of the community, please check them all out!

Sheer Porn – This visual sheer directory is one of the largest on the net.  If you have an interest in sheer pantyhose, stockings or nylons, you’ll love this sheer porn directory.

– From Chaz Fontana

I feel that sometimes I am only here to serve women. The feminine mystique and everything that comes along with it. I feel most at home, at the feet of a woman, I have all my life, it’s all I know. Foot Adoration is such a big “Thank You” for all of the women out there who have ever been Alpha enough and brave enough to put yourselves on the internet for a bunch of strangers to beat off to and critique. Thank you for paving the way and for letting all of us wayward foot fetishists worship your feet with our minds for the past few decades…

I went and hung out at a foot fetish party, and I knew that was a very popular fetish to have, but I didn’t realize how amazing it would be to have it.

Nikki Glaser

…Representing the Foot Fetish Scene, Well, Since 2013.

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