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Welcome to Foot Adoration. We work our asses off, indexing the hottest feet that the internet has to offer. If you are looking for some of the Hottest Foot Fetish Babes, on the net, we have them. We also have some rather obscure foot fetish content as well from sites, that are sadly, no longer with us. That being said, please support our community and all of the websites listed here, that were cool enough to share their promotional content with you!  We are a Visual Foot Fetish Directory and Archive.

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Your Foot Fetish and the PandemicI feel like something has definitively changed in the world as of late. It's a subconscious thing, not quite on the surface of my mind and not quite firmly beneath it.
gothic-feet to launch this SummerI think it's probably safe to say that I have dedicated much of my life to this discipline. I started out this network in 1999. Oh my Jesus, we were truly pioneers of the internet.

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Long Toenails

One of the most integral parts of my fetish, has to do with long toenails and the long toenail niche. I think that it’s more elegant for a woman to have her toenails just past the tips of her toes. It’s so elegant to me. Please enjoy and support these girls.

Foot Fetish Femdom

Foot Fetish Femdom is such an interesting subject because there are people that just like looking at women’s feet and then there are the Lifestyle Foot Fetishists who live and breathe women’s feet, 24/7, 365. This foot femdom directory is for the lifestyle foot fetishists who are here on this planet to serve.

Foot Goddesses

Ah Foot Goddesses, or the women out there in the world with the balls to show off their feet to all of us. They work those peds off, trying to make a living. And in most cases, these women have some of the most beautiful feet that I have ever seen. So let’s support them.

Foot Fetish Sites

We grew up with some of these Foot Fetish Sites. Why not check them out and also support our community. They also work their asses off, providing all of us with some of the most beautiful foot fetish scenes out there. Welcome to my foot fetish directory. This is just a taste of what I have indexed on my home page. Please click “See All” below or just use our navigation. Happy Surfing Everyone!

Social Media Foot Goddesses

With the internet changing as much as it is, each and every day and new media and social sites popping up every week, we’re keeping track of it. Thanks to our sister site,, now you can refer to our social media foot fetish directory to find old, as well as new Foot Goddesses to add to your personal stash!

Featured Foot Goddesses on HD Cam

Couple SexyI love her feet and the size of her areolas.
Spell on YouShe's a pretty girl with pretty feet!
Queen ViktoriaA MILFy Euro babe with Gorgeous Feet
Miss Blonde CutieA bratty blonde coed with stinky feet

– From Chaz Fontana

I feel that sometimes I am only here to serve women. The feminine mystique and everything that comes along with it. I feel most at home, at the feet of a woman, I have all my life, it’s all I know. Foot Adoration is such a big “Thank You” for all of the women out there who have ever been Alpha enough and brave enough to put yourselves on the internet for a bunch of strangers to beat off to and critique. Thank you for paving the way and for letting all of us wayward foot fetishists worship your feet with our minds for the past few decades…

Foot Adoration News

Spring 2021 / May 3 – A minor update this early morning, Version 5.6 incorporates mini reviews for all only fans, patreon or model centro sites.  It’s at the bottom of their promotional galleries.  I’m going to give myself until the end of the month to have that done.  Also as you can see beneath this box is a new “Update Changelog” button, so you can see my past updates if you wish.  Also added a new library called “Goodies”, there you can see Foot Fetish Tik Toks and Pretty Feet Sneak Peeks where, you know since I’m indexing over 100 niches, big boob models with pretty feet go here as would hot models with pretty feet, etc, etc…

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I went and hung out at a foot fetish party, and I knew that was a very popular fetish to have, but I didn’t realize how amazing it would be to have it.

Nikki Glaser

…Representing the Foot Fetish Scene, Well, Since 2013.

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