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Welcome to my 1996 – 2006 Foot Fetish Archive. These websites were on the old Digital Divas network, which I owned, at the time. All of these sites are 404, or they would be in the regular foot fetish directory. Sizes are intact and the same as when they were originally indexed in 2003. I don’t want to resize them, as that will degrade the images and I want to preserve them as pristinely as possible. These women were the first content creators in the 90’s – the early 2000’s

There are 45 (offline foot fetish sites indexed)

Cali Feet

I know they were around from the late 90’s to early 2000’s. This was the promotional material I had at the time. The girl with the black top and blue shorts was always a favorite of mine.


The guy that runs Feetsees has been around for years and years. Even though his site hasn’t been updated for a minute, 2015 to be exact. Sometimes the site is up, sometimes it is down. His clips4sale is always up, however. So feetsees is here because of the lack of being online consistently, however check out the link, regardless.

Amateur Italian Feet

Amateur Italian Feet is somewhere between being offline and being online. There’s a screenshot of a calendar or something… So it’s here until they decide what they’re going to do.

Amber Lilly

Amber Lilly is still online, but she’s much more of a cam model in 2018. Fucking awesome that she’s still doing stuff. Check Her Out! right here, is as she was, circa 1997, on the internets.

Fanny’s Feet

Fanny’s Feet was a pretty popular site back in the mid 90’s. Her husband, Aragon had a pretty popular foot fetish links list as well around that time. Ahhh, I miss web rings 🙂 . There’s more images of her in our galleries as well, fyi.

Britney Sweetstink

Britney Sweetstink was popular in the early 2000’s, and you can see why. She was one of the first “bored housewife” amateur types, that now, flood the internet. So much respect to her.

Eva Feet

Eva Feet was indexed when her site was brand spanking new, it only lasted a couple of months before she dropped off the internet. I always thought that was odd.

Feet Fair

Wow, Feet Fair is 404. They were up for over a decade and a half. Ton of content that they had. Pretty sad. Well, please enjoy the memory of what they were.

Lexi Sindel

Lexi Sindel is still, one of the most beautiful foot models that I have ever seen. She’s definitely on my list for trying to get her to model for my site. She’s still around online, please see her OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

Jana Feet

Jana Feet was Polish, I think? She was online from the mid 2000’s until 2008 or so.

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