Summer and Feet are a comin’

Time, it seems, is on the fast track and Summer and Feet are a comin’.  Which is a very good thing.  Another year of loosening morality, lol.  And another year where women are more than happy to traipse around town, wearing the skimpiest of flip flops and the colors on their toes that define themselves as hip, cool chicks.  As for me, when it get warmer, as a fetishist, I can feel it.  I jack off more, and women’s feet become a thing that I think about constantly.

I tend to go out more.  If anything, it’s because with all of those women wearing the open toed sling backs, mules, slides and heels, all that I think about is their sweat, and whether or not their pheromones would be a right fit for me.  Wondering on whether or not I could improve my game in any way to make these strange women feel comfortable enough to slip that warm shoe off and thrust they’re hot sweaty feet on to my face.  All the while, giggling and making the cutest “rockstar poses” while I mind fuck and mentally record my experiences into oblivion.

Just thankful that I am here on this earth, worshipping this species and secretly giggling to myself, like I alone, have the secrets of the universe in my grasp.  Believing that I turn out women in ways that the majority of men on this planet can never understand…  And statistically, it’s true, with us being only 6-8% of the male population that not only delves into our fetishistic tendencies, but we hook ourselves up to powerful cannons, pointed straight the fuck down, diving into that pool of sensuality at mach 3, and never looking back.  I have always been so happy that I am a part of this community.  Using Foot Adoration, not only as a functional foot fetish site, but as an outlet to write foot fetishism according to my perspectives and seeing if you all agree.  At the very least, you understand me.  And I understand you.

So we celebrate the seasons according to our perversions.  Some of us are doctors, rock stars, mechanics, police officers, retail sluts, uber drivers, etc, etc.  Sometimes I will catch another guy staring at the same feet in a supermarket, club, beach or on the sidewalk and we cast each other a knowing glance, like a secret fraternity of perversion…  This happens once a year and all that I can say to that is that I am thankful for the heat and the long days and the sweat and the women who think enough of themselves to wear a proper pedicure in these days.  You are exalted.  In closing, I leave with you with this song.  And the promise that I love you all, my foot fetish brothers and sisters!

~ Chaz Fontana

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