Angel Kissed Feet

Ahh Angel Kissed Feet. I know that the Long Toenail Fetish is not necessarily a popular niche within the foot fetish community. But I am not talking about 9 inch claws, lol, I am featuring women here with a long toenail fetish, cut an elegant length, as I think that women with longer toenails are just more elegant! What I wouldn’t do to just lay down at the feet of a beautiful women with naturally long toenails, gently caressing my face with her long toenails while I hungrily feed on and smell her other foot. Angel Kissed Feet has been on the internet for almost a decade now. I don’t know what is in her members area, but I would venture to say that with those feet of hers, I would be happy with just about any motif or situation shoot that I could find. Way back in the day, I used to talk to her every now and then online. Wherever she is, I wish her nothing but the best. I still dream of sucking the sweat off of her feet after she has been working hard all day. And YES, that mole on her sole is real. Fucking Hot, right!

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