Welcome to my Foot Adoration Changelog.  Here, you can see the updates, as well as changes that this foot fetish directory has made in the past.  I wanted to add this functionality to further enhance the site for everyone who might surf us on the day to day.

Spring 2021 / April 29 – A continuation and conclusion of the 5.5 update, I’ve added a new page, called FAQs, it’s located in the footer of the site.  Also changed the background color of the twitter embeds.  Added a second library called “Foot Bytes” as well, incorporating any and all foot fetish video teaser content from all of our partners throughout our network, here.  Please be patient as that library is under construction.

Spring 2021 – Version update today!  I will be embedding promotional video for all models that have promotional video.  Whether it be embeds or capture, if they have it..  These will be called “Gum drops”, cute, right?  Foot fetish website promotionals will continue to be on the tube, FYI.  Also bringing foot models from our sister site, SocialMediaFeet.com, to integrate here at Foot Adoration if they have switched to having their own sites, only fans, patreon, etc.  Going through sites and girls here, looking for 404’s and categorizing them accordingly.  While I’m at it, might as well also be updating them if they need to be updated, media added, etc.  Finally, every model and website now has the option of rating at the bottom of the respective pages.  This update is now complete.

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Hey fellow footies! Any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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