Welcome to my Foot Adoration Changelog.  Here, you can see the updates, as well as changes that this foot fetish directory has made in the past.  I wanted to add this functionality to further enhance the site for everyone who might surf us on the day to day.

Winter 2021 / December 23 – Hola, it’s been a minute.  Got really sick for like 3 weeks, and didn’t really do shit as far as getting to my sponsors, tbh.  But this week, I’m going to be getting back to content creators for now.  When I’ve exhausted the list I already have in que, then i’ll be jumping on the tube.  Thank you all for starting to click the ads.  I’m sorry I had to do that for the honest surfers, but yeah.  It only takes a few “bad apples” to piss me off.  Anyhoo, I’m back at work full time, so i’ll be doing all of this when I can, peeps.  Merry Christmas!!!

Fall 2021 / December 1 – Hey all, I’m going to be getting back to sponsor content, probably until the first of the year.  This is network wide, so this message is on all of my visual directories.  And I will be here off and on adding other niches that happen to have feet until then.  The first of the year, back to bi weekly updates.  You’ll also note that the image galleries have different rollovers now, this is my 6.2.5 update, but I’m taking my time with it.

Fall 2021 / November 5 – ..With this new wall, going up, I have officially indexed 350 foot fetish content creators, models, websites and galleries.  I’ve had no life since the pandemic began and this is the fruit of my labor,:P

Fall 2021 / October 21 – ..Yeah I know, my stoned ass indexed Queen G twice, I’ll remove it later.  Gotta move on now.  Enjoy and check out the new talent.  See you in a couple of weeks.

Fall 2021 / October 18 – I’m back updating, I did write a pretty scathing op ed on the tube and my feelings about that, so I won’t mention it again.  And this directory, is usually a different surfer entirely anyway.  So right, I got a new wall going up tonight, as I’m back in the saddle with updates.  And without having to worry about the tube, watch this directory grow in the coming months, peeps!

Fall 2021 / October 7 – So I’ve decided that I am not updating the tube with weekly updates this fall, like I had planned.  I’ll be back doing directory updates soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer 2021 / September 15 – Throwing up another wall of your favorite foot fetish content creators, including one’s that you’ve never seen before.  What is a “wall”?  Those are the 9 profiles of “Just Added Feet” up above ;).  Ahhh come see the sights and sounds…

Summer 2021 / September 6 – Yep, another version update at 3 am.  Welcome to version 6.2.  The only real changes are on the bottom where the news feed is, it’s alot prettier now, also added a couple of new paragraphs at the top of the page.  Read it if you wish.  From the back end, I removed some modules that I was ready to part ways with.  Throwing up a new wall of content creators this morning as well.  Happy Labor Day too ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer 2021 / September 2 – I’m going to go ahead and revamp the links to these foot fetish content creators, after the only fans fiasco last month, blah.  With the new buttons, “See Me” means that the link goes to a website or singular promotional page of the model.  “Stalk Me” means that the link goes to a link tree or other promotional page with multiple links.  “Worship Me” denotes that the model sells “smellables”.  Lastly, a disclaimer because “the internets”.  If anyone takes the “stalk me” literally, and harasses these models, you are a fucking retard.  Disclaimer done ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer 2021 / August 28 – So I changed the gallery and the “just added feet” back to the old design, since it’s much faster with multiple files and I don’t have to worry about sizing galleries when I get them.  ALSO I have optimized the foot fetish tube, previous load time was about 4 seconds. now it’s 1.5 seconds, you’re welcome ;). Stating this since some of you peeps think that I’ve forgotten that I own a foot fetish tube.  I have not, haha, but it’s not my biggest priority right now.  Indexing this glut of new delicious foot talent is paramount.

Summer 2021 / August 26 – At some point, this foot fetish directory is going to be too big to re index.  So just making sure I have everything I want on the content creators and website pages before moving on to doing the same thing to all of my other visual directories.  Also VOTE on your favorite foot site or content creator.  Goodies are all now ranked by popularity.  So you all have a big say on this ff directory.

Summer 2021 / August 25 – So yeah I’m back, fuck it, I’m going to go ahead and redirect these content creators, fucking only fans, blah..  So with that and a crapload of other changes because “might as well”, this is going to be a version update to 6.1.  Also I’ve never checked links on this directory, so I’m going to do that while I’m at it.

Version 6.1 more in depth – All posts are now without title in the center.  Popular and Top Rated Feet are now faster, not as pretty, but faster.  Network, now has some of my other niche directories you can check out.  I have the GDPR in place as well as our age disclaimer to keep the riff raff out, so welcome to version 6.1.  This directory will be indexed by tomorrow night, God willing.

Update – yeah this directory is going to take a minute.  I need to fix some SEO stuff, also the models or websites that didn’t have 30 promotional pictures when indexed, I’ll be adding them now.  Also the multiple twitter links on each page will be going down to one.  I’ll also be adding a crapload of promotional movies below the promotional image galleries.  I heard that only fans changed their minds, well fuck them still.  Pulling every single fucking link on my network and adding link tree’s so you can stalk the hell out of your favorite content creators.  blah.  Some sites, I’m adding thoughts, some I am not and just updating the pictures.  Look at this update as a “deep cleaning” of all libraries.

Summer 2021 / August 22 – Ok, the Only fans fiasco, first of all.  Most of the content creators listed here are of the soft core variety, so I don’t think that alot of pages will be affected.  However, I will be re indexing this site (seeing what sites are 404, which ones are still up, etc.) this fall.  I will also take this opportunity to upgrade the old buttons to the new design while I’m at it..  This will probably take a month.  I’ll start on this in November.  Going to be indexing up till then.  After that, I’ll be back on the foot fetish tube starting regular updates.  Today, got a new wall of content creators going up!

Summer 2021 / August 3 – Hello, got a new wall going up tonight and the “feet of the week” just looked all kinda of awkward from the size that it was, so I made it a little more feng shui in that sense.  This applies mostly for desktop browsing.  Lastly, bringing back my voting module.  Please use it since these models are ranked in popularity only by the rating system I have at the bottom of each page.

Summer 2021 / July 30 – Hey all, still doing version 6 stuff.  I’ll be adding legsex promotionals to the gallery area as well as starting to add video promotionals to my foot fetish tube.  So we’re starting that early.

Summer 2021 / July 25 – More Version 6 stuff today, namely catching up my Foot Fetish Reviews library.  Also I know this page loads slow for some of you, so I’m going to be decreasing some of the elements of this page.  Meaning shrinking stuff down!  So this page is going to get alot more “minimalist” by this evening.  Also updating the core of our tube to make surfing it faster as well.

Summer 2021 / July 22 – I forgot to mention that the “Foot Fetish Reviews” library will also be worked on and completed next week.  This page is also a part of the Version 6 update.  Also I know this site loads slow for some of you.  I’m sorry, but I wanted to build a “web 3.0” directory to “future proof” against making updates all the time as some of the next gen code I’m using becomes more mainstream.  Basically 5g becoming widely available to the average user.  It’s a slick ass directory for sure, but there is alot of code and media to load, same for our foot fetish tube.  It’s also a reflection of how big our community is getting.  So I apologize if it sucks loading us but if this is the case for you, It’s not my server, it’s your bandwidth..  Thanks for your patronage!

Summer 2021 / July 17 – I’m going to go ahead and update to Version 6.  You’ll notice that there is now a dedicated “Coed Feet” index.  This is because my foot models index is just getting too big.  Always growing and expanding, right?  The new gallery and action button format on the models and websites pages are part of this update.  I’ve also added a “Feet of the Week” archive as well for the future.  The integration of my old foot fetish directory into this one will also be part of Version 6.  Lastly, some performance updates to make this site a bit faster.

Summer 2021 / July 16 – Throwing up another wall of fresh feet for you to checkout this evening.  All in my quest to have 500 content creators with beautiful feet, foot sites and foot fetish galleries up by the end of the year.  You’ll also see that I’ve paired down these tabs a bit.  Also changed some of the verbiage to more accurately represent the various foot fetish libraries contained here on this domain.  You’ll see that as of tonight, I am updating the buttons and image gallery template on every page.  Hope you dig the redesign.  I’m also going to revisit the foot fetish archive as well, I have some sites to add, sadly.  Please support your favorite foot fetish models!

Summer 2021 / July 3 – ..Still adding a wall, got sick.  No not covid.  Happy 4th and all that stuff.  I’m super lucky to live in a country where there is such a diverse group of people.  Mind you, I live in a city with over 4 million people, so it’s big.  If I want German women’s feet, I can go to the German club across the street, if I want Russian women’s feet, I can go downtown to the Russian clubs or neighborhoods.  Not sure to what extent other cities in other countries have this.  But we’re a diverse country.  And I’m proud of it.  And probably the only country now that still celebrates the 4th of July, because of all of our political and covid bullshit the past 4 years.

Summer 2021 / June 28 – Adding a new wall today, soooo glad I am finally able to further these concepts, with the extra week ;). Next week, i’ll be moving foot fetish reviews over from the old archive!  After that, back to galleries.  In addition to the bi weekly updates of new women with beautiful feet.  Lastly, with this update, we surpass 300 foot sites, models, content creators and galleries!  My goal for the holidays?  400+ indexed!

Summer 2021 / June 25 – So now that I have all this extra time, I’m now able to go through my old site directory and add some pretty cool foot sites that I’ve had great partnerships with throughout the years.  I highly encourage you all to check those new additions out.  Also starting on page 3 of the 404 foot sites pages.  I’ve revamped them as well.  And in like 72 hours, i’ll have another wall of new foot fetish content creators from around the world!  Woot!

Summer 2021 / June 22 – Hola chooms.  You’ll notice that I’m going to be putting up a ton of foot fetish galleries in the next couple of weeks.  You’ll also notice that the new galleries look a little different than all of the other galleries.  ..Yep, it’s on purpose :P. I dig it.  And it looks sick on mobile.  Anyhoo, that’s what I’m doing for the next couple of weeks.

Spring 2021 / June 14 – Hey all, I’m throwing a couple more content creators up, and I’m also announcing 2 week updates.  I haven’t been able to make way on the rest of my network because of all of the updates on all of my directories.  I’m cool with that, make no mistake, but it would also be nice to have a dedicated 4-5 days every couple of weeks to move forward and finish this network.. Well it will never be “finished” but you all know what I mean.  I should be back to a weekly schedule with everything by the fall.  …and when that happens, iI will also be resuming our foot fetish tube updates and I know you all like the sound of that.  Until then, stay cool out there!

Spring 2021 / June 8 – Ok, I’m done here for the week, thanks for the feedback on music.  The ambiance gives this site some “balls”, doesn’t it.  Flesh based, “grade a” pleasure!  I’ve added “Feet of the Week” to this media accordion.  All my little updates and refreshes are done as well.  See you all later next week!

Spring 2021 / June 6 – Oh don’t mind me peeps.  I’m getting old, the sickness that I’ve had since the pandemic started is actually type 1 diabetes, which is fucking horrible.  I shouldn’t have to die for wanting a good piece of cake every now and again.  If my network ever goes 404, thoughts and prayers, haha.  I’m like 50, to young for all of this.  Other hand, I’ve learned alot of important things that I wouldn’t have had it not been for this experience.  Anyhoo, that’s why I’m late updating this week.  Uploading 9 new libraries this evening, farting around with the GUI.  Hope you are are well!

Spring 2021 / May 24 – Oh well, would you look at what my whore of a foot fetish created.  Turned a corner and stumbled into Version 5.8.  A visual shrine to pretty girls with stinky feet everywhere on the entire planet!  My minimalist tick is going to be the death of me, because the front end is minimalist as fuck.  My network now has the latest tech and this is for the community.  But hey, grab a drink, fuck around, kick the tires and mail me if something goes haywire.  Thanks peeps!

Spring 2021 / May 9 – As of Tatiana’s update, you’ll see that I’ve upgraded my gallery, this should be site wide by Monday night.  Also twitter stuff is now in tabs so it’s much, much more mobile friendly.  I’ll be doing that to the others soon and all of this should be done by the end of the month.

Spring 2021 / May 3 – A minor update this early morning, Version 5.6 incorporates mini reviews for all only fans, patreon or model centro sites.  It’s at the bottom of their promotional galleries.  I’m going to give myself until the end of the month to have that done.  Also as you can see beneath this box is a new “Update Changelog” button, so you can see my past updates if you wish.  Also added a new library called “Goodies”, there you can see Foot Fetish Tik Toks and Pretty Feet Sneak Peeks where, you know since I’m indexing over 100 niches, big boob models with pretty feet go here as would hot models with pretty feet, etc, etc…

Spring 2021 / April 29 – A continuation and conclusion of the 5.5 update, I’ve added a new page, called FAQs, it’s located in the footer of the site.  Also changed the background color of the twitter embeds.  Added a second library called “Foot Bytes” as well, incorporating any and all foot fetish video teaser content from all of our partners throughout our network, here.  Please be patient as that library is under construction.

Spring 2021 – Version update today!  I will be embedding promotional video for all models that have promotional video.  Whether it be embeds or capture, if they have it..  These will be called “Gum drops”, cute, right?  Foot fetish website promotionals will continue to be on the tube, FYI.  Also bringing foot models from our sister site, SocialMediaFeet.com, to integrate here at Foot Adoration if they have switched to having their own sites, only fans, patreon, etc.  Going through sites and girls here, looking for 404’s and categorizing them accordingly.  While I’m at it, might as well also be updating them if they need to be updated, media added, etc.  Finally, every model and website now has the option of rating at the bottom of the respective pages.  This update is now complete.

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