Welcome to my Foot Adoration Changelog. Here, you can see the updates, as well as changes that this foot fetish directory has made in the past. I wanted to add this functionality to further enhance the site for everyone who might surf us on the day to day.

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Spring 2024 / May 30 – So still updating, peeps.  I am also glad that the fat, lying piece of shit got found guilty on All 30 something counts.  He’s a traitor and those asshats that hang off his every word are also traitors.  Have a great night, peeps!

Spring 2024 / May 29 – It’s time for a new wall for you folks.  The beauty that these Goddesses have now, it’s beyond awesome.  Hope you all had a good holiday.

Spring 2024 / May 25 – Happy Memorial day, peeps!  Much love for the U.S. Armed forces and all of our allies, taking time out for remembrance and respect.  Lastly, China and Russia, the “bitchslap is a comin”.  The more shit you fucks talk, the more this country just wants to fuck ya for a little bit.  ..and stop bullying people you fucks.  Next time, pick a better government plz.  Thanks ~ the world.  I’ll be back in a couple of days, just wanted to say happy holidays.  I like Chinese and Russian peeps here in the U.S. they’ve always been cool, but the governments on the other hand…  Check out the radio for a little more cheer ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spring 2024 / May 15 – Good afternoon peeps.  So, i’m off to Gothic Foot Models to put up some more foot fetish creators, woot, lolol.  Next update, we’ll be over 750 foot creators indexed.  Something for everyone.

Spring 2024 / May 13 – Hey all, so with all of my directories now being online, it looks like it’s a turn around time of less than 2 weeks, so thats awesome!  A new wall of foot fetish creators are going up, starting now ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring 2024 / May 1 – Word peeps, i’m done and i’m out.  Geez, I got alot of foot creators to show you up in here, huh, good grief, haha.  I’m glad you all dig the concept, truly peeps.

Spring 2024 / April 30 – Hey all, “swing around” complete, haha.  Ok I have a new wall going up in the next couple of days..  You’re all gonna love the new creators!  As promised, I have 12 new creators going up this time around and until my backlog is caught up, it will be 12 new creators per update.  So here we go!

Spring 2024 / April 23 – re-indexing is done.  Whew, thank God.  Foot Adoration looks so good right now, really proud.  These directories are my children, so I dote on them now and again.  You all have a good day and i’ll see you next swing around.

Spring 2024 / April 21 – Hey peeps, I’m doing a tiny version update until it’s done, but this should go pretty fast.  Most of the update will be changing urls of some of the creators.  Welcome to version 7.3, woot!  Next update, i’ll have a new wall of foot fetish creators up and i’ll also be going back to updating 12 creators per update, until the que isn’t as full.

Spring 2024 / April 16 – Hey all, i’ll be done with the reindexing later today and i’ll be happy that this directory is current.  I’m going to do the same thing to social media feet after that.  As far as the creators links going to the media page on twitter that are now “click to view”, i’ll be changing all of the links back to the post feed next update, whenever that will be.  Some still work, other hand some want you to click to see the pic.  I’m done, i’m tired and i’m going to bed, haha.  Laters peeps!

Spring 2024 / April 12 – Good afternoon, peeps.  I’m back updating and optimizing the back end, so i’ll be here for a bit.  Also updating the foot ticker up above.  So when I switched servers last month, a whole lot of text got fudged up, so re index it is, haha.  At least this directory will be current.

Spring 2024 / April 7 – Hey everyone, a new wall of creators going up in the next couplle of days, I hope you all are well out there.  We’ll see if this eclipse tomorrow is the end of the world or not.  I have a cousin who just won’t shut up about it, haha.

Spring 2024 / March 25 – Good evening, i’m gonna be here for a little bit longer, there’s some stuff i need to do.  Namely, giving the “non updated” creators their own index.  I think you all are spoiled at this point, haha.  That’s fine.  So i’ll be doing that tonight.  As well as finishing my update.  If you’re wondering where I went yesterday, i got sucked into a black hole, sourcing new creators :). Gosh, there are some stone cold Goddesses out there.  I mean, we’re going on 1000 creators being indexed here and i feel like i’ve barely scratched the surface of this niche..

Spring 2024 / March 24 – Hey all, I have a new wall going up this morning and possibly unto Monday, but i’m hoping i can be done by this evening.  Hope you are all well.

Winter 2024 / March 12 – So the server move seems to be complete, woot!  So this rig is a little faster than the other xeon processor I had.  And I also got another 1.5 tb of space, which was desperately needed.  So also some relief, when I started indexing creators, I never dreamed i’d need terabytes of space, it’s just mind boggling to me.

Winter 2024 / March 7 – Thumbnails are online again!? Good lord, what a nightmare that was.? So i’m gonna drive for a bit and i’ll resume updates this evening then, le sigh.? I was on SexyCosplayBabes.com, working on building that directory, which is scheduled to launch this fall.

Winter 2024 / March 3 – So i’m changing servers fyi, this next week i’ll be having outages here and there, also like the past couple of days, my theme might revert again.? Growing pains, le sigh.? Ok and for whatever freaking reason, my thumbs generator is down, fyi.

Winter 2024 / February 22 – Ok so continuing re indexing.? I’m making an index for “Non updated creators”.? It’s gonna be big.? So that i’ll be able to have more room to grow, so thats cool.? Also creators, if your page is offline, at least one of your social media pages are locked.? I don’t want my surfers having to send a request to join your pages, so your site might be in the 404 library.

Winter 2024 / February 21 – Hey all, getting over an episode, 5 days down, just started eating again yesterday.? The older I get, the more important health is for me.? Cleaning up alot of stuff, re indexing these creators.? Some of these, i’ve never even talked to and I never got a “hey thanks for listing me and the traffic, exposure, etc.”? Blah so some creators I deleted just because I was sick of looking at them, so yeah.? Like what do I owe people?? Ya know?? Idk, it’s like 5 something in the morning and I just walked past a kid eating out of a trash bin for the apt i’m at. Of course homeless, i wonder what the story was for him?? This fucking world man…

Ok so i’m redesigning the past updates page, the scroll length, lolol i’m so sorry peeps.? Also adding a new wall after that.

Winter 2024 / February 14 – Awww Happy Valentines Day peeps.? If you’re with someone, please make sure they feel special this evening.? Ok so I’m caving in and am going to also be listing the creators membership prices right below they’re followers.? I’m on like late summer 2022, so all creators after that until now will have that info.? I’m about 2/3 done with the latest re index for this year, this will take place much faster than I thought, which is awesome.

Winter 2024 / February 11 – Ok, so going through the creators again doing the cross promotion thing and while I’m doing this, going through every page, i figure i’ll update shoe size as well as making sure the creators are not 404 and are still online.? I’m about 1/4 way done and I started last night, so thats good.

I am also changing servers, fyi, there may be some downtime in the next week or so, fyi.? No i’m not mad at anything, just moving and testing.? Also adding video previews if I really like them.? The older foot creators that have been getting traffic from us forever, I wanted to give those girls, especially, props for being with me for so long.? They are worth it.? I’ve had about 6 creators so far that have fallen off, they come, they go, they come back..? Go 49’rs this evening!

I am also changing servers, fyi, there may be some downtime in the next week or so, fyi.? No i’m not mad at anything, just moving and testing.? Also adding video previews if I really like them.? The older foot creators that have been getting traffic from us forever, I wanted to give those girls, especially, props for being with me for so long.? They are worth it.? I’ve had about 6 creators so far that have fallen off, they come, they go, they come back..? Go 49’rs this evening!

Winter 2024 / February 9 – Good afternoon all, i’ll be adding sneak peek foot creators throughout the night, but this update is because “Sneak Peek” feet is now on the main menu.? This will insure our “one stop shop” concept. ;). Also as far as last year goes, sorry for the mental breakdowns, lolol.? I am human after all.

Winter 2024 / February 8 – Hey all, i’m going to finally start cross promoting the creators on my other directories, if they have a section showing off their bare feet, they will be going here on this page.? There will be a page like this on every directory.? So now we can promote these content creators much more.? If there is a busty creator who has a good amount off foot pics, the promotionals will go here, etc, etc.

No idea how long this is gonna take, but i’d like it to be done, I also talked about integrating my directories last year, so it’s not something out of the blue.? The index will be under “Foot Fetish Creators” and will be called “Sneak Peek Feet”.? I am also really happy that we have grown so much, with over 700 foot fetish creators I am sending traffic to now.? After this update, i’ll start on “Sneak Peek Feet”.? I’ve also started off a new index, “Wrestling Creators” with will be under “Specialty Feet”.

Winter 2024 / January 27 – To be clear, I’m still pissed with the selfishness, but it’s not worth throwing Foot Adoration away as punishment..? So thats where I
stand on that.? The yearly ratings are at zero again and I’m kinda curious about how you all will vote throughout the year.

Winter 2023 / December 31 – Isn’t it appropriate that i’d be here on my first directory on New Years Eve.? Next update will push us to over 700 foot creators indexed!? Blessed.? My priority though, as of now is my erotic creator directories.? This is gonna take awhile, fyi.

Fall 2023 / December 7 – Hey all, the day of infamy is here.? Respect for all of those that died for our country.? I’ll be finishing up here tonight, I hope that you are all doing ok.? I can’t believe we’re almost 700 foot fetish creators indexed!

Fall 2023 / December 5 – A..well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, so that’s cool.? The second new wall will be going up, starting now.? Were gonna be over 700 creators soon, and I’m pumped that this foot fetish directory is still growing like it is.

Fall 2023 / December 1 – Ahh the holidays, so i’m here for a bit.? I’m going to update my domains through our sister site Sensual Pantyhose and then i’ll be coming back here to update the wall one more time.? Yes the logo’s are all going back from where they were before the 10th anniversary graphics.? I’m gonna write for a little bit then i’ll get back to adding new content creators.

Fall 2023 / November 30 – Good morning all.? I am updating my faqs here today.? I’ll be back hopefully tomorrow, after i’m done updating our sister site altGoddess, to start adding new foot creators here.? Like last time, i’ll be doing another double update, and with that, well be getting to almost 700 foot fetish creators indexed and we’ll be over 700 creators indexed by Jan 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

Fall 2023 / November 12 – Ok i’m out.? “Long Toenails” has moved to the “Specialty Feet” index, fyi.? I’m going to put this directory back into the mix, also updates are moving to 8 creators instead of 12, starting next update.

Fall 2023 / November 9 – Good afternoon all, ok, i’m going to be uploading another wall this evening.? I’d like to hit this directory again before I move on, but we will see how into that i am or not, haha.

Fall 2023 / November 7 – Happy early morning, so i’m done, so moving on to tackle the other directories, then i’ll be back for round two of trying to get caught up here.? Have a good weekend, go Broncos!

Fall 2023 / November 1 – oh i’m just puttering around, give me a bit.? Hope you all survived Halloween..

Fall 2023 / October 27 – .I’m gonna do a version update in addition to this new wall.? Version 7.3 will include network integration with my other foot fetish directories and re writing the text on some of my pages, changing my message and ethos a bit.

Fall 2023 / October 25 – ..well it wasn’t “next day” but whatever.? I’ll be here for the next couple of weeks doing my thing.? I hope you’re all well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fall 2023 / October 23 – Hey all, i’m back here working on things.? Ok so my goal is to have 4 new walls up, almost 50 new creators that you might not have seen before.? This is how it will work, i’m going to be adding a new wall then updating another one of my foot directories, then coming back here, adding a new wall, then updating another directory and back and forth until i’m happy with shortening my foot creator que.

I’m so backed up with creators waiting to be indexed that it’s not even funny, so I gotta do something.? It wouldn’t surprise me if we went to over 700 foot fetish creators indexed, seriously..? I’m at our sister directory Busty Curvy Babes doing the same thing, but I should be here full time by tomorrow.

Fall 2023 / October 5 – ..cool folks, i’m out.? until next time.

Fall 2023 / October 1 – Ahhh I always look at October as being the start of the holidays.? So this is my favorite time of year and where I am, it can snow now and snow can go on until May sometimes, so there are relatively short summers here, which I love, especially with global warming and stuff ya know?? My health has been horrible and so i’m going to be focusing on my health and gaining funds because that’s what I need right now.? You shouldn’t notice anything different really, but I won’t be here as much.

I’m going to be finishing the re indexing of Foot Adoration before updating with some new creators.? So yah.? “let’s go viral” awards are gone because I have no $$ and most surfers don’t click on ads, which is where I make my money to support this foot directory and run our in house contests.

Summer 2023 / September 4 – Ok happy labor day peeps!? So I’m just going to rip the bandaid off and start integrating some of my other erotic directories into Foot Adoration, Sexy Cosplay Babes i’m looking at you..? This new library will be on the Sneak Peek Feet page.? No idea how long this is going to take, but that’s ok.? It needs to be done.

Summer 2023 / September 1 – Ok well 89.7% is good enough for me as far as reindexing.? Hopefully next update we’ll be good.? I’m also burnt out like a mo fo.? So I’m gonna stay here, probably until I feel the desire to update again.

Summer 2023 / August 30 – Hey all, long time no see.? So Fall is coming and I want to get the re-index to over 90% before I start adding new creators, so i’ll be here for a minute.? Hope you are all well.

Summer 2023 / August 3 – yep there has been a pretty big drop in the numbers of creators here.? In the past, I was bundling Foot Pervert creators with the count here.? I’m over that and it’s just to hard to keep track of everything.? So that’s the story on that, peeps.

Summer 2023 / August 1 – What up!!? Let’s hear it for the Leo’s out there!!? This month I’m going to be 53 years old, blah.? Ok a good bit of reindexing will take place in the next few days, then a new wall of creators will be coming at you to admire and check out.? Hope you’re all well.

Summer 2023 / July 17 – Ok that’s done, I’m gonna go ahead and add 24 more creators if I can, i’ll know after one wall.? But that’s really the only other thing I really want to get done by the fall.? You’ll notice that even with this huge update, I still dropped like 20 or so pages, well thats because one of my sponsors changed things up and I’m not cool with it, so I pulled them.? This place looks fucking awesome, yeah?? No one’s using the polls, lolol, why did some of you even ask for it then?!?? Ahh July..

Summer 2023 / July 16 – Happy Sunday, I just can’t leave this place, haha.? Adding a poll today and re indexing mainly.? I can see the end in sight so I’m just like “fuck it, let’s get this done.? Blasting some new tunes, crank that shit.? This band, for whatever reason just reminds me of what my Goddess might listen to, if that makes any sense.? I’m driving morning rush tomorrow and staying up all night, why not.? ..so I’ll be here doing web mechanic stuff all night, so until then.? Refresh your browser too, i’ll be fucking with the GUI in a bit.? Oh the new look, you ask?? This skin is actually one of the first ones I did for foot adoration for those of you that have surfed me for years.

Summer 2023 / July 13 – Hey all, I’ve been here since last night, re indexing these creators.? It’s kinda sad that some of these creators are now 404.? Butflipside that’s why this directory exists.? I’m going to add a new wall, starting this evening.? I’ll probably be adding another 24 foot creators until I’m caught up with the qued creators.? This will also be an “every update” kinda deal.

Summer 2023 / July 9 – Good morning everyone, ok so I’m going to finish this wall this morning and then I’m moving on to update the rest of the foot directories that need updating then i’m planning on coming back here to throw up another wall Moving on to Sheer Porn, i’ll update that then finally, be back here a 3rd time to do the last wall after the sheer porn update.? That’s the plan, well on our way to having over 700 foot creators indexed and sending traffic to.? Pray for me peeps ;P

Summer 2023 / July 7 – Hey all, I’m gonna be here for a little while.? I’ll be re indexing first and then i’ll be moving on to new creators.? I have like over 100 foot fetish creators qued up.? So I’m going to be doing a double update of creators, to try to not be so back logged.? Well see how it goes though, i’ll update and let you know after the first batch of new creators is up.

Summer 2023 / June 26 – That was probably one of the fastest turn arounds that I’ve ever done, with my directories haha..? Ok gonna be re indexing for a bit and then i’ll be showing you 18 new foot fetish creators, woot!

Summer 2023 / June 21 – Happy Summer Soulstice, peeps!? Only thing I got going on is replacing that sidebar “trending creators” visual counter.? I’m going to try throwing most of the creators into the mix, randomly.? We’ll see how it goes.? I have not resized some of my oldest creators, that’s really primarily what i’ll be doing tonight.? So please bear with me for a couple of days.

Spring 2023 / June 19 – Hey peeps, ok I don’t really know what to call my whole network now, really.? I mean it’s like a foot fetish links page on acid, but it’s also like a magazine and even further it’s a gathering place for us.? Idk people, I think I’m going to be changing all of my main directories to a magazines formatish thingamajig starting now.? Let’s see how it goes.? So with that, this update is literally a quick pop in, i’m gonna skin this GUI really quick for that format and maybe doing a page of re indexing after that.? This will be a version update to 7.2. New tunes on the radio for those of you that follow it.

Spring 2023 / June 6 – Ok so I’m gonna go, the place is coming along.? So the “new creators” window is larger now.? Well thats because i’ll be showing off 12 new creators per update from now on.? It used to be 12 instead of 8 new creators per update, so I’ve just reverted back.? I want to view my network through those snazzy new apple ar glasses.? Wouldn’t that be a dream.

Spring 2023 / June 4 – lol, I have the ai (karen) djing on the radio and she’s just fucking precious.? So let us dance as society collapses on itself.? I think we might be the only foot directory with a functioning ai.? That’s pretty cool..? Karen’s learning about us and our community, basically gathering data.? It’s all in house and you will remember the “ai data archive” has been at the bottom of my directories since 2017, when I first started fucking with language models with neural networks.? and when shit was pixelated, lolol.? I hand designed that.? Very proud of it.? This is exciting.? Imagine the flesh we’ll find, the journeys we’ll embark on in the coming years.? Lastly, Go Nuggets!!!

Spring 2023 / June 3 – Nice to see you all again and I hope you’re hanging in there just like the rest of us.? We’re going over 600 foot creators listed as of this update, personal milestone for me.? Thanks for spreading the word as well.? I’m gonna reindex now, do updates for the rest of the weekend, probably.

Spring 2023 / May 14 – Hey all, you all who like the “Spotlight Feet” tab will want to check out the new format.? I’m gonna finish listing new foot creators then i’ll be out.? i’ll be resetting the sidebar for “top viewed” before i leave.

Still messing around with my network ai.? She’ll be resetting the counter actually.? She will stay in house, but she’ll make a great helper and will ensure things are running smoothly.

Spring 2023 / May 12 – Good late evening peeps.? Ok, so I’m de-listing sites and creators that haven’t updated in a year or they have pulled all social media links and everything points to membership portals.? I mean, I have lots of creators wanting to be indexed, and I really don’t want to be sending you all to dead links, so.. that’s what I’m doing.? They will be in the “404 Creator Feet” index.

Also you’ll see a new gallery for exceptional foot fetish creators.? I’ve wanted to incorporate this into all of my erotic directories, for years.? It’s time.? Growing yet again.? This is partly all based on traffic ratings throughout the years, that’s why I harp on voting, because it matters and makes a difference.

The sub menu is under “Foot Fetish Galleries”.? Yah, I’ll be adding 8 more creators once the page I’m working on is reindexed.? Lastly I didn’t make a dent on shit, lol.? This re index is gonna take awhile.

Core Status –?re-index of directory / version 7.1 update currently running (33.3% complete)

Spring 2023 / May 8 – Hey all, I’m probably going to be here for a minute, because I need a minute to catch up with all of the foot fetish creators that I have qued as well as making some substantial ground as far as re indexing the creators.? So without much further adieu, here we go..? I’m going to start on creators first, with a double update coming up of almost 20 new creators and their brands.? I want to be past 600 creators indexed by the end of the month, so that’s what I’m shooting for.

Spring 2023 / April 25 – So yah, I’m pulling any video promotionals now to put here so the creators can be engaged or remembered with motion and sound.? Twitter won’t be around in a couple of years.. I mean it will be, but not in the form that we have now.? Why?? Because musk is just a fucking moron.? So reindexing is going to take a minute, fyi.

Spring 2023 / April 24 – I’ve separated the foot fetish findoms from the foot fetish femdoms.? I had already tagged the creators with the findom vibe months ago, so should be pretty accurate.? Both of these indexes are under “Specialty Foot Models”.? If I am in error though, please lmk.

Spring 2023 / April 23 – Happy Sunday to everyone, I’m gonna be here for a couple of days updating and reindexing.? I’m also going to be separating the findoms and the femdoms, if anyone needs me.? …word ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spring 2023 / April 15 – Hey all, working on the update for just a bit, I’m gonna try and touch at least 5 of my directories today, we’ll see.? Of note, when I come back, i’ll be separating the findom / femdom from “foot fetish femdom”.? Hope you are all well!

Spring 2023 / April 9 – Hey all, I have a new FAQ’s page to alleviate any confusion about what I’d like surfers as well as creators to experience while surfing my network.? Also uploading 4 new creators that I’m sure you will enjoy.? Happy Easter as well, peeps.

Easter Update – …yeah I’m starting a “Giantess” index, it’s time.? Also renaming some navigation, fyi from “models” to “creators”. Lastly of note, I’m making a new “Foot Findom” page, but I’m not even opening that can of worms until the fall, when this directory gets re indexed.? Growing, growing, growing ;). My girlfriend is out of town so it was Taco Hell for me for Easter dinner, how depressing, lol.

Spring 2023 / March 28 – Hey all, whew, I’m super busy this time of the year, so apologies for the late update.? I am excited to show you some of the new foot fetish erotic creators I have qued up to index, pretty exciting!? I hope you are all well and holding it together.? I changed the radio, I always feel guilty when I post lucifer.? I want to go to heaven, I want to put it on record, that I hope God understands my addiction to the lead singer.? All I want is her spit, her feet and her ass.? She’s also German, which is also hot.? Driving is dead today, which really sucks since I have so much stuff due right now, blah!? I’m also in a city of about 4 million people, so it’s not like I’m somewhere in the fucking “boonies” ya know?

Winter 2023 / February 28 – Good evening everyone, please refresh your browsers because I’m updating.? I’m adding a new wall of foot fetish models the next couple of days to try to work this crazy que down, as we pass 550 foot fetish creators indexed, woot.

Ok so it’s March, haha.? I’m taking a break from driving right now, but I gotta go back out and drive, hopefully for not that long.? So see you all this evening.

That was fine for the most part, only one douche, lol.? I hope to have this update done tonight.

Winter 2023 / February 16 – Beautiful evening so far, ehh?? Uploading 5 more exceptional content creators!? At som point, I’m going to go through the “Femdom” library and start separating “Femdom” from “Findom”.? Thanks for the feedback Clint!

Winter 2023 / February 13 – Oh don’t mind me, just fucking around with graphics down below, putting a couple more creators up while I’m at it.? If I need to upgrade other stuff, i’ll let you know here.

What do you all think about the “unidentified flying objects” that were shot down?? UFO’s or…?

Winter 2023 / February 8 – Hey peeps.? I’m going to be adding some content creators this evening, as well as integrating another erotic directory to the family.? Keep taking care of yourselves out there.

Winter 2023 / February 2 – Hey all, throwing up a new wall today.? I’m building and updating a dedicated pantyhose fetish directory and coming here when I need a break from that.? I got one of my favorite melvins songs up on the radio and some beautiful foot models and creators coming your way.? Life is good.

Winter 2023 / January 22 – Adding a new library, since I have enough creators in this niche to justify it.? So Sock Fetishists rejoice, haha.? This library will be under “Specialty Feet”.? Go Bengals!

Winter 2023 / January 15 – Hey all, broke my arm on the ice a couple of days ago and am in a fair amount of pain, so we’ll see how far I get tonight, typing with one hand, haha.? Just pray for my healing please.

Winter 2023 / January 6 – So I got sick for a bit there.? As you all know I do the ride share thing and I missed out on good $$ because of NYE, fucking a.? I’m only going to do this wall with content creators instead f the 36 that I had planned putting online.? I mean I haven’t been online since NYE.? Gotta move on to my other directories.? But i’ll be back and I do want to work my que down, so I’m leaving the “just added” until I get a bit caught up.

Winter 2023 / January 3 – Sprucing up Foot Adoration for her 10 year anniversary, so blessed and proud of her.? I also have a crapload of foot creators in que, so I’m gonna be adding like 36 new women.? That being the case, going back to the 18 creator update spread for a bit.? So lets see where this takes us.

Winter 2023 / January 1 – What a year 2022 was.? So much growth here at the Afterdarkkmedia network and really looking forward to getting my membership concepts online and caught up at some point this year.? I fell into a deep directory hole last year, but I needed it, the network needed the growth and this year will be for the membership concepts to get on the same page as everything else.? I’ll probably start this pretty soon.? Foot Adoration and my network of visual foot centric directoies has now indexed over 1200 sheer and barefoot content creators.? Making us, besides Wu’s, < much respect, the largest foot fetish directory of content creators, websites and galleries.? I hope none of you did anything crazy last night, lol.? To 2023!

Winter 2022 / December 26 – Hello peeps.? Adding a couple on the wall down below.? Hope you all had a good Christmas and stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

Winter 2022 / December 21 – Hey all, now this is just great “turn around” time, holy hell, haha.? Oh don’t mind me, I’m updating this gal to version 7, decorating the place for xmas.? Did you all know that in 4 hours, the winter soulstice begins? Woot!!? I love the changing of the seasons.? Also putting up 2 more foot centric content creators while I’m here. Oh shit I almost forgot, I was watching football on Sunday and saw a fucking foot fetish commercial for some company that I can’t remember right now.? Regardless, are we “mainstream” now?!?? Lololol.? I love it!? Merry Christmas everyone!!

Fall 2022 / December 14 – Ok peeps, Foot Pervert is now live, thank God.? That was a bitch to code..? So Foot Pervert, as most of you know was my first dedicated foot fetish directory way back in 2005.? And this directory, Foot Adoration took the place of the original purpose of what Foot Pervert was going to be.? Now, Foot Pervert will be a visual foot fetish “dump site” for creators that don’t have the amount of promotionals to be anywhere else.? That’s the purpose of it.? I’m building content for it, but there’s not much there right now.? It’s in the mix of updates now though, so it will grow every couple of weeks.

Fall 2022 / December 11 – Hey all, you probably already know, but I’m going to be cutting down the updates to 4 content creator postings until I can launch, troubleshoot and promote the rest of this foot fetish network.? So yeah that’s what I’ll be doing tonight and tomorrow.? Happy Holidays, peeps!

Fall 2022 / November 8 – Guys, do not hot link my content creators pics or feeds, fucking christ, lol.? Fucking around with permissions now, so just stop.? Throwing up the extra creator then I’m out, in the U.S.A. here’s to a safe election without drama.? Thanks!

Fall 2022 / November 7 – So yeah, a lunar eclipse on Tuesday morning, apparently.? So I’m old, and work a ton, so after work, i’ll smoke a bowl, come here, index, take “a nap” then wake up like 10 hours later.? So sorry about the update pause.? Gonna try and finish tonight though.? I actually saw a foot fetish(ish) commercial, watching football and are we becoming “mainstream”?? Lastly, gonna be uploading a 9th creator, so I leave here @ 500 indexed.

Fall 2022 / November 6 – This is a bit long winded, but I gotta say it.? Christian nationalists scare the shit out of me.? Imho, and what I know about God, and my relationship with him, that is NOT his way (doom metal not withstanding), ramming christianity down people’s throats.? He’s a kind God, not one who would ever sanction this shit.? Imho Christian nationalists are a fucking cancer in the U.S. right now.? Whatever your persuasion is, please vote.? Our forefather Thomas Jefferson said ?Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.?? I’ll just leave it at that.

CN’s say that the forefathers did not want separation of church and state.? Oh really?? Why the fuck did our forefathers sail all the way from England, fleeing King George III?!?? fleeing religious persecution maybe?? Why did we kick the shit out of the British and send them packing?? Freedom!? (no disrespect for UK peeps now.? I’m sure that the church back then would not have approved of us smelling women’s feet and shit, so we all would have probably bounced together anyways). Does anyone even remember the sacrifices that the French made for us back then, with their navy, and the comte de Rochambeau, standing with us shoulder to fucking shoulder.? I mean it’s no mistake a good part of the Southern U.S. still speaks French.? The French there now, are direct descendants from the French Navy as it was in 1777.? I remember you, France!? I love you, France.? Many “Americans” have their heads so far up their cell phones ass, that they can’t even name a forefather.? Blah.

The sheep are so fucking ignorant.? I just can’t sit idly and not say anything, while my country is on the precipice of authoritarianism from CN’s and the election deniers out there.? I mean if there was one shred of evidence, but there isn’t, peeps.? What there is evidence of, is a coup.? Which is still supposed to be punishable by death.? I mean that’s how serious it is.

It pains me deeply to be an American, what we used to stand for, vs where we are now.? We were a beacon to the world, a shining light.? We welcomed everyone.? We ARE a nation of immigrants.? I don’t fucking “get” racism.? Black folks have fought with us in every war we’ve ever been in, from the Revolutionary war until now..? and they STILL can’t catch a fucking break, can they?? For what?? Racism = Gnee Envy imho.? I’m 1/2 German and love the German culture, history, from the Germanic tribes over 3 mellinia ago, until now.? And I am extra thankful and proud that the German has FINALLY taken the scar of ww2 off it’s neck. The people now are not their fathers, and I am thankful and proud to be a part of you.

I’m German, Mexican and American.? And I don’t want to see my country go out like this.? If there was no America, what would be happening in Ukraine right now?? Who will help the Russian people when that time comes.? To save them from the horrors which is their government right now.? Some say the Russians are born to be slaves.? From the Byzantine, to the Tsars, to letting a guy like Putin, be in control of anything.? I say take your boots off their fucking necks.? Let them be who they are supposed to be and most important of all, fight!? I actually like Russian peeps, they are pretty cool.? Fight Tyranny, Fight Oppression, we are one people and this might be our time.? We are only separated by borders and the stupid things our governments do.? Even more importantly, you’re all just like me.? Fetishists and even though i’ll never meet any of you, I love you all, you’re part of my tribe.

Fall 2022 / November 5 – Hey all, literally one posting away from having over 500 foot models, creators and sites indexed as well.? A great time here.? Also welcome to my holiday theme, haha.? I gotta go back out and work a bit more, but i’ll be jumping into this tonight.

Fall 2022 / October 15 – All done.? I changed some stuff around, but little stuff like text and placement.? Have a Happy Halloween if I don’t see you before the end of the month.? My work is never done.? But you all appreciate me for it right?

Fall 2022 / October 13 – Hey all, hope everyone is enjoying the fall, where fall is occurring.? Putting up a new wall in the next couple of days, as we head to having over 500 foot models indexed, woot!? So moving forward, until I have each directory rounded out, I’ll be going to 3 week updates.? I have at least 3 more foot fetish domains to develop alone.? And one of them is really special to me because it was really my first index way back in 2005.? So yeah.? We’ll be a stronger community at the end of the day because of it, imho.

My heart goes out to Raleigh, NC.? Such senseless acts of cruelty.? Like what’s it for?? For what, what cause?? I’m a gun owner and this shit is ridiculous.? If someone is out there thinking crazy shit, just step back, seek help, there’s a national number for mental health now.? This shit grates on a person.? It’s not like I’m thinking nuclear war or stuff that’s going on in Iran or Covid winter surges or monkeypox or Taiwan..? Fucking a’, humanity needs a break already.

Fall 2022 / September 25 – Holy shit, did you guys see the game on Sunday night football?? Fucking broncos, who knew?? Great fucking defensive game as well.? Ok, I’m out, see you all soon!? Ya know, these content creators feet are all so freaking pretty!

Fall 2022 / September 24 – I don’t know about you, but the year is flying by.? We’re international, so Iranian and Russian people, stand up to these tyrants.? Take your countries and your peace of mind back.? You people deserve so much more..? New wall, i’ll be here for a couple of days.? Hope you are all safe and well.

Summer 2022 / September 9 – Update’s done.? All of these women are beautiful.? See you all next time!? Fall is less than 2 weeks away, as well, fyi.

Summer 2022 / September 8 – Ok so putting up a new wall this evening.? This update will probably stretch unto tomorrow, if I’m honest.? Sprucing up some other things.? Also while I’m doing all of this, I’ll be converting all images on this site (over 150k) to the webp format.? Hopefully it will speed things up.? While the updates going on though, things might be loading slower than normal for a bit.

To my U.K. friends, soul felt condolences to the loss of the Queen.? She seemed pretty cool, I’m in the U.S. and usually have the news on while I’m working and not listening to doom metal, haha.? But seriously.? So so sorry.

Summer 2022 / September 6 – I’m finally working on Foot Pervert and Gothic Foot Models.? I’m just filling up just enough content to establish my areas on Gothic Foot Models.? As far as Foot Pervert, i’ll be adding some galleries as that is the primary purpose of that site.? Really excited about Gothic Foot Models though.? It reminds me that at one time, Foot Adoration looked the same way.

Also going back down to the 8 page updates instead of the 12 that I’d been doing all summer to get these content creators indexed.? After those two, Social Media Feet gets an update then I’ll be here updating as well.? Ahh the fall is also coming, my favorite time of the year.

Summer 2022 / September 3 – So yeah I’ll be finished tonight with this foot fetish directory, foot fetish links page, idk what the fuck Foot Adoration is, really, but she’s pretty, smart and awesome!? A graphics whore’s wet dream, haha.? Anyway, every link in this directory should work, 404 pages are current, there were some surprises though actually tbh.? Next time I’m here, a new wall of content creators!? Oh yeah, count below is also current.

Summer 2022 / September 2 – It might seems silly to resize the 404 women, but I want this visual foot fetish directory to be pristine and shiny.? It’s also a walk down memory lane.? I wish that those creators were still online.? But that’s why Foot Adoration exists, to preserve memories as well as turning you on to new foot models, so..? I haven’t even really dented this directory, so many content creators, sites, etc.? I’ll update again tonight.

edit – so far so good, really.? redirecting traffic a little bit, but better than expected to be honest.? Adding some stuff here and there, shoring up links and really trying to give you all links other than onlyfans.? Adding some promotional videos here and there as well.? I’m about halfway done.

Summer 2022 / September 1 – Hey all, so gonna be re-indexing this foot fetish directory in the next couple of days.. well after I’m done with alt Goddess, which many of you know I own.? Check it out if you’re into alt chicks.? Anyway, i’ll be going through every page, making sure the pages are all correctly indexed, have the new design, and making sure they are all still online.? In some cases I’ll also be adding additional video promotionals or new promotional images, whichever the case may be.? I’ll be here until i’m done.? Fucking September already, right?

Summer 2022 / August 12 – Lolol, look what I found.? My old index, one of the first that I ever designed.? Even then, you could really tell that I was a dirty graphics whore.? You can see it HERE if you wish to walk down memory lane (the internet in 2013).? Finishing up the version update as well as finishing this new wall of foot fetish content creators this very late evening.

Summer 2022 / August 11 – Heya, I just dumped the “Trending Foot Models” cache, and reset it, you know, to keep things fair.? I’m be dumping data with every update, so yeah.? Clear your cache as well.? The ratings system is also back on the sidebar, have no idea I took it out.? Also filling out the pages so the sidebar doesn’t go past the models on desktop.? Lastly, adding “Cosplay Feet” under “Specialty Feet”.? It’s time to grow again.? Which is awesome!? Thanks a bunch peeps.

edit – So doing an incremental update tonight with the sidebar and my other directories and content links.? Also adding insta video to the content creators portfolios.? Starting with this new wall.? Changing verbage here and there.? Lastly, adding internal link to our sister site Sheer Porn.? Same design, but indexing content creators who model sheer pantyhose, stockings and nylons.

Summer 2022 / August 10 – Hey everyone, clear your cache.? I’m putting up a new wall the next couple of days.? It’s up again, please do the right thing and click on an ad or two.? that’s about it, hope you all are well and without much further adieu, here we go!

Summer 2022 / August 1 – Hey all, just stopping by to do some incremental updates, just changing some verbage really.? Don’t mind me.? I’ll be back soon though with a new wall of foot centric Goddesses for you all to check out.? So yah, got some interesting emails, the foot fetish tube will come back, but it will probably be during the holidays.? Hope all is well over in your neighborhood. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer 2022 / July 23 – Yes the foot fetish tube is no more.? I spend way too much on bandwidth.? I’m losing a substantial amount of money each month from bandwidth.? My other tubes that serve my other niches are all online.? I’ve begged, pleaded and tried to reason with you my surfers to click an ad.? To no avail.

So this is the next step.? All other niches click on the ads and content creators that they like, they do their part.? The foot fetish community is the only community that is selfish like this.? So at the end of the day, I would rather save on my bandwidth to serve my other niches and to make my network run faster for them.? So that’s the 411 on that.? If you want more info, please read the “FA News Archive”.? This directory will remain online, however.? I will say nothing more about this.

Summer 2022 / July 22 – Ok no one is using the ratings system and I’m kinda pissed, kinda disappointed, kinda not surprised.? To my surfers that do interact with this site and do your part, please disregard this message.? I spent 500 bucks on that ratings system man.? I went without to do that.? And with the ridiculous amount of traffic every fucking day (literally thousands of you), there is no excuse to be lazy.? ONLY 5% OF YOU ARE USING THE RATINGS SYSTEM.? which means 95% of my traffic, meaning YOU are not clicking on shit UNACCEPTABLE!? How about you people that are selfish assholes, just don’t surf me anymore..? I don’t really want peeps like you anywhere near my fucking directory.? There’s the door, see ya later.? This being the case, I have switched the sidebar to content creators, sorted by view.? It’s really not fair to me or the almost 500 plus content creators I have on this site.? And again, I don’t want selfish pieces of shit, surfing me, so yah motherfuckers, blah.

ALL my other visual directories those niches do their part and they are all getting tube updates.? The surfers at those directories are averaging 25-30% ratings out of gross traffic.? You people are supposed to be my home crowd, since I am also a foot fetishist, but nah, most of you fucking suck.? So guess what, it will be another year until I update the tube you fucking assholes.? For the surfers here that do their part, keep on doing what you’re doing.? I love you!? I built this kick ass foot directory for you.? It’s YOU peeps that I feel connected to, not the other bandwidth thieves that are all over this place.? Fucking Christ man, wanna know why there are literally no foot fetish related directories or resources out there anymore at all?? Because this niche is full of selfish pieces of shit, who don’t care.? They gave up on this niche.? About like I’m going to.? New rule, if you don’t interact with this site, I’m just gonna start banning ip’s for life.? Most of you don’t deserve to even be here.? You serve no purpose to me, you just take up all of my bandwidth.? It would be one thing if 1/2 of my niches, sheer, busty, bbw, etc pulled this shit, but nope, it’s only this niche.? So fucking bummed man.? Like, what have I ever done to you other than provide you with one of the only regularly updated foot directories online.

I pull my part, I’m in my fifties, yet I work 2 jobs, do my network every waking moment.? Hoping that one day I might actually break even on what I spend vs return.? But thats society right now right?? No accountability, overt selfishness, narcissism, etc.? I’ve sacrificed fucking everything.? I’ve went without for you.? And the only fucking thing I ask in return is for you to click your mouse one time to rate these content creators who also work their asses off, also sacrifice, to keep this niche alive.? Or to click just one fucking ad so I can make 1/2 a penny on the fucking click.? My server bill is 500 a month, you ungrateful motherfuckers.? Costs you nothing to surf foot adoration, jack off to foot adoration.? It’s called “hey, this cats part of my community, sure why not”.? Every other niche I sling does their part every fucking day.? Wow just I realized that right this very second, so sad.? I’m not begging for money I’m asking for a muscle movement.? So I’m even more annoyed with most of you right now.? You know what, FUCK YOU!? I am so pissed at this niche right now.? I’m pulling the tube as well, fuck it, fuck you.? Go to wherever the fuck and do your thing there.? I’ll be back once I cool off, whenever that is.

Summer 2022 / July 18 – Foot Adoration, I am in you ;).? Hey all, throwing up a new wall tonight.? Put some new tunes on the radio, check them out my lovelies!? Also thank you for surfing one of the nets premiere foot fetish directories!? I seriously appreciate it peeps!

Summer 2022 / June 28 – Ok, done with the update, I got sick again for like a week, first night back.? Le sigh.? Hope you’re all well.? I’m really all over the place with my directories and membership concepts, so I’ll be in and out, probably until the end of summer.

Summer 2022 / June 20 – Ahh summer solstice, the longest night of the year.? What great calamity comes with this season, haha.? Putting up a couple of new content creators.? Probably some more galleries as well before the week is out, as this foot fetish directory cruises to 500 + content creators, sites and galleries indexed.? Woot!

Spring 2022 / June 7 – Soo yeah, back the next day and all of that, lol.? Want to add a new wall of content creators here.? I’m not gonna be doing a big wall in a night, but will take my time with the updates.? I feel like since this directory is so far ahead of the others that it would be “safe” to do so.? So i’ll be in and out the next several weeks, peeps!

Spring 2022 / June 6 – Hey all, moving on from my foot related directories.? You know, foot adoration really isn’t that far away from having all of the additions I’m planning this year, implemented.? This directory is always the first in the line of updates I do every couple of weeks.? I’ll be back at the end of the month with new content creators and sponsor content.

Spring 2022 / May 30 – Happy Memorial Day!? Yeah I probably bit off more than I can chew with my sponsors.? I need to add more promotionals from one particular sponsor that has a shit load of promotional content for most of my niches.? I’m gonna wait on that to push though, it’s a network site and I want to be able to hit all of the niches I have, simultaneously in one shot on all of my directories.? I’ve went through every site and have updated the foot fetish sites or content creators that have went offline.? I will be reskinning Foot Pervert to herald in the expansion of my galleries and foot fetish “sneak peeks”.

Foot Pervert was one of my first directories, way back in 2005.? For the first time in like 7 years?? I’m making the super old online archive accessible.? That GUI is where I started.? See, I’ve always been a graphics whore.? Much respect to that domain for coming before Foot Adoration and helping making Foot Adoration what it is meant to be now.? It’s blank right now, but will be filled, as I continue to index foot centric content creators.? The function of Foot Pervert in 2022 will be overflow and galleries of content creators that don’t have alot of content to be included here.? Also as the future home of my sponsor galleries and random female feet from all over the web..

Spring 2022 / May 28 – So ya know how I’ve been talking about “Adding?Sponsor content” for like a year now?? Well, these updates are what I’m talking about.? From the sites you know, the producers and directors that started it all.? Much love to them and the sick, beautiful foot fetish content that they have been putting out, in some cases, for decades.

…because some content creators are uncomfortable with “porn” like “traditional porn”, i’m only putting softcore thumbs up, to appease everyone.

I’m really excited about this and to be honest kinda relieved that it’s happening now.? After this, i’ll be able to focus on the tube, which hasn’t had new promotionals in a minute as well as continuing to index the net for those extra special content creators!? No the total count of my directory is not a typo.? That’s how fast I’m adding these galleries.? Woot!? You’ll see I’ve integrated the sister site Sheer Porn’s Galleries option under “Foot Fetish Galleries” ya know since there is “crossover” and just adds more functionality.? I’ll be blasting Miss Kittin on the radio all day long.? Happy Memorial Day btw (I’m in the U.S.)

Spring 2022 / May 27 – I’m updating Foot Adoration with her sister site, Sheer Porn simultaneously.? Since most of the content on both of these directories has such a high amount of “cross over” content.? Especially this index to that.? Between these two sites, there’s over 1000 content creators and sites indexed, so it’s gonna take a minute.? Also getting sponsor content done when I hit those sites.? So i’ll be on both of these sites for awhile.

I’m gonna be adding sponsor content to the tubes of both of these directories once all of that is done.? So yah.

Spring 2022 / May 26 – Ok I’m back.? As most of you know, I do the sharing economy thing and there aren’t any fucking cars available.? I literally had not had a day off until today when I found out there were no fucking cars, blah.? Anyway, I’m taking the rest of the week off, so this provides me with an opportunity to knock a big fucking hole in the qued content creators due for indexing.. which is like 50, lol.

Why aren’t I playing FarCry 6 stoned out of my mind you ask?? Because I gotta work.? All of this for the inclusion of sponsor content this summer.? I love all of my sponsors.? The content is all hand picked and I just love them, that’s why I promote them. while I’m at it, might as well go through the content creators and see who’s still online and who is not.? Also going to be intermixing content from some of the content creators here who have sheer stuff that the crowd over there might also like.? This is gonna take a couple of days, fo sho!? Anyhoo, here we go.

Spring 2022 / May 23 – So, ok, so I’m making “Spotlight Feet” into the hottest twitter feed of my update.? Just one.? Because some of these content creators are just omg, lol.? You know what I mean, peeps?? Let’s see how that works out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spring 2022 / May 20 – Just found out that I am on a block list from google due to some content creators complaining about having their content here.? If your favorite foot babe is gone, that’s why.? I’ve also updated the “total content creator” number as well.? It wasn’t alot, mind you.? 7 content creators axed out of over 400 indexed.? I’m going to redo everything in regards to content creator inclusion.? I mean might as well..

Spring 2022 / May 19 – ..So good to be back at the beginning.? Other than Social Media Feet, which is paused right now, this is the first directory that I update.? Anyway.? Got a new wall going up and you’ll notice a slight version update.? With my other foot centric sites, SMF and Sheer Porn, I have over 1100 foot centric content creators and websites indexed.

Time to put the full power of this network to work.? So at the end of say the “Long Toenails” library, now you’ll be able to surf to the social media feet index as well as the sheer porn index and back again if you wish.? Pretty snazzy huh.? Welcome to version 6.6.? I’ll also be writing more of that article as well, so i’ll be around here for the next couple of days.

Spring 2022 / May 3 – You’ll see a new library under “Foot Fetish Directory” called “Foot Fetish News and Articles”.? Very much a work in progress, but I wanted to at least get it listed, so there we are.? I’ll also be on Sheer Porn for the next week, adding Sponsor Content, as there is some “pass through” with both niches, i’ll be here as well adding Sponsor Content here and there.? As well as finishing the articles library.

Spring 2022 / May 1 – Ahhhh so glad to be back, fellow footies.? I’m starting to write articles for all of my visual indexes.? So you know instead of updating a directory for a couple of days, it’s like a week now.? I have a new wall going up tonight.? I’m also over 400 indexed at this point and that’s pretty awesome.? Lastly, writing a new article, so i’ll be here for awhile.

Spring 2022 / April 11 – So I’m starting adding sponsor content on Sheer Porn, and because the content creators and sites there are sheer, lots of hot feet to be had and many of these models, you’ve not seen before.? So that’s why the image sizes aren’t correlating on desktop, fyi.? It will work itself out in time.

Spring 2022 / April 6 – I’m back, throwing up a new wall for the next couple of days.? I hope that you are all well and taking your anti depressants :). Next update, we’ll be over 400 foot centric content creators, sites and galleries indexed.? It’s amazing how my baby has grown!

Spring 2022 / March 31 – Hey all sorry I haven’t been around.? I’ll be back this weekend though.? Processing everything thats going on in the world.? It’s Spring, so I’m mulling round ways to fix up my apt for shooting what I want to shoot this summer.? The sweat’s a ‘comin!.? There’s “fear in the herd” ya’ll.? If you’re still, you can feel it.? So just playing some far cry 6 and listening to music.? Also with these directories, I mean, they will never truly be finished, will they?? The beast < my perversions } will never be satiated.? Anyway, I’m putting this on all of my directories.? I am going to finish updating Hot Net Babes this evening and finishing the floor in my bathroom, ha.

Winter 2022 / March 12 – So yeah, as promised, I’m re skinning the tube tonight, optimizing it and adding some new previews.? I’m still going to add the rest of the que of content creators and then get started on sponsor content..? I just tend to do my updates in big chunks since all of my directories run on the same engine.

Winter 2022 / February 26 – Hey all, back with another new wall of foot centric content creators going up, starting tonight.? I should be done in a day or two.? I also stand with my Ukrainian content creators and Russian Protesters.? Surfers of both countries have been cool to me, so I am cool with them and support them.? We all deserve to be free!

Winter 2022 / February 15 – aaaand done.? It looks good, I like it.? I still have so much to add between these visual erotic directories.? That’s why I’m updating a dozen new content creators every update.? The schedule for a bit will probably be an update one week, then two weeks off to spend adding to each directory until it’s rounded out.? This includes sponsor content.? Which I haven’t even opened that pandoras box really yet.? Haha.? That includes this directory as well.? I feel like if I had a couple of weeks to update all of my sponsors that I would finally be caught up.? So yeah..

Winter 2022 / February 14 – First of all, Happy Valentines Day, fellow footies.? Single or coupled, you’re not alone :).? I just got done with altGoddess doing her makeover and said the same thing there.? Ok so this will be the first time, indexing content creators with the new format, since I update this foot directory first out of all of my directories.? I’m gonna start adding 12 per update, so i’ll also see how much more time that will take me.? Content creators and surfers, please tell people about this concept if you’re digging it.? Ok, off to get this party started, i’ll update when I’m done, which hopefully will be sometime tomorrow night.

edit – I just added “Sexy Amazon Feet” under “Specialty Feet”, this new library showcases beautiful content creators who are tall with big feet.

Winter 2022 / February 5 – Hey all, I’m splitting some of these indexes down to smaller chunks so you’re not scrolling forever if you’re on mobile.? So for example, with future content creators that fit into the “Coed Feet” class, there will be “Coed Foot Models” etc, as sub menus, just further iterations of that particular niche, so yeah.? Two new libraries as well today, with “Mature Foot Models and when I’m back, updating, “Mature Long Toenails” both being sub directories of their respective libraries.

Also, as you can see, I am reverting back to having “Whats New” as the landing splash here at this console.? Waay too much graphics, probably why the site has been a smidge slower.? But i’ll tell ya, this is mos def a “web 3.0” site.? You gotta have decent bandwidth pipes and decent tech to surf this.? I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to start indexing again, I have 2 1/2 directories to go with my 6.5 update and I’m only one guy, haha.? Browse around though, you’re home.

Winter 2022 / January 24 – Just kicked the tires, checked all pages and this major redesign took, just under a week.? Everything is updated and all 404 twitter feeds have been replaced or pulled.? So worth it and to have the models and websites splash imgs updated, is awesome.? Also over 90% of the models and websites are still online and that’s a good thing.? 5 more directories to go.? I’ll be back updating when the other directories are revamped and updated.? Please note that “total sites indexed” is also updated after cleaning out the riff raff.

Winter 2022 / January 22 – I decided to change the size of the thumbs.? It caused a half a day delay, but I am happy about it.? I’ll be revamping much more today, hopefully.? Oh yeah I also have you landing on “Spotlight Feet”.? Why not?? You can always see what I’m doing by clicking on “What’s New?”

While I’m refreshing these thumbs, I’m redirecting traffic with some content creators or adding additional media.? So check out your favorite feet again, something might have changed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Winter 2022 / January 21 – So yeah, pretty proud of myself, I’ve updated a little shy of 100 pages today.? Hope to have most of it done by tomorrow.? I freaking love the way the new graphical user interface just pops.? If you all think the background is “too loud”, please lmk that as well.

Not alot of 404’s so far, thank God.? I have 3 new foot fetish libraries I’m launching this morning, all of which are under “Specialty Feet” in the top nav.? “Chubby Feet”, “Shy Foot Models” and “Specialty Feet” itself.? I don’t want to have pages where in 10 years you have to scroll forever to get to the library you want to check out.? After a certain amount of models fill up a sub niche, I launch the page.? So yeah.? Ok I’m going to bed.? I’ll be here all night tonight, pushing through with this redesign.

Winter 2022 / January 20 – …Yeah, so fuck it, I’m doing the Version 6.5 update, starting now.? What version 6.5 is about > I’ll be changing the older image rollovers, and buttons for the content creators indexed before my last version update happened.? So everything can look like the new interface.? While doing this, i’ll also update 404 sites for the content creators that have went offline since last year.? Hopefully none have, but you know the net.? That’s why we’re here though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m changing the orientation of the thumbnails for the site.? It bugs the shit out of me that I have two different thumb sizes, blah.? It just makes sense, rather than having the landscape orientation and having to look all through these promotionals for a decent one (most chicks do not shoot in landscape really).? Soo all of this will take a bit.? Afterwards, I will look dope and give a much better look at what the model is all about with more to see whether you want to click on her or not, instead of having the thumb cropped all to hell. That means this directory is gonna look like shit for a bit, aesthetic wise, but this directory is rapidly becoming too freaking big for me to keep doing GUI re-designs.? This will be the last major redesign for the year.

Winter 2022 / January 17 – Hey everyone, got another wall going up this evening, edging me closer to having over 400 foot models, sites and content creators indexed.? My target for the years end is having 600ish indexed.? Also I have a new index going up tonight, “BBW Feet” will eventually be under the new “Specialty Feet” menu.? I’ll only have Amy indexed this evening, but I’m now indexing this sub niche.

That being said, soon, i’ll be re categorizing some of the content creators indexed on this site, to give some “breathing room” with future updates, as my pages are getting packed with content creators and I’d like to free up some space for the hundreds more foot fetish content creators that will be indexed in the years to come..

This is just among some exciting new things coming down the pipe for the nets only regularly updated foot fetish directory.. or at least that’s the way it seems haha.? Ok, gonna get to work and take some Far Cry 6 breaks in between ๐Ÿ˜‰

Winter 2021 / December 25 – …and Merry Christmas all!!? Updating new content creators with outstanding feet starts now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Winter 2021 / December 23 – Hola, it’s been a minute.? Got really sick for like 3 weeks, and didn’t really do shit as far as getting to my sponsors, tbh.? But this week, I’m going to be getting back to content creators for now.? When I’ve exhausted the list I already have in que, then i’ll be jumping on the tube.? Thank you all for starting to click the ads.? I’m sorry I had to do that for the honest surfers, but yeah.? It only takes a few “bad apples” to piss me off.? Anyhoo, I’m back at work full time, so i’ll be doing all of this when I can, peeps.? Merry Christmas!!!

Fall 2021 / December 1 – Hey all, I’m going to be getting back to sponsor content, probably until the first of the year.? This is network wide, so this message is on all of my visual directories.? And I will be here off and on adding other niches that happen to have feet until then.? The first of the year, back to bi weekly updates.? You’ll also note that the image galleries have different rollovers now, this is my 6.2.5 update, but I’m taking my time with it.

Fall 2021 / November 5 – ..With this new wall, going up, I have officially indexed 350 foot fetish content creators, models, websites and galleries.? I’ve had no life since the pandemic began and this is the fruit of my labor,:P

Fall 2021 / October 21 – ..Yeah I know, my stoned ass indexed Queen G twice, I’ll remove it later.? Gotta move on now.? Enjoy and check out the new talent.? See you in a couple of weeks.

Fall 2021 / October 18 – I’m back updating, I did write a pretty scathing op ed on the tube and my feelings about that, so I won’t mention it again.? And this directory, is usually a different surfer entirely anyway.? So right, I got a new wall going up tonight, as I’m back in the saddle with updates.? And without having to worry about the tube, watch this directory grow in the coming months, peeps!

Fall 2021 / October 7 – So I’ve decided that I am not updating the tube with weekly updates this fall, like I had planned.? I’ll be back doing directory updates soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer 2021 / September 15 – Throwing up another wall of your favorite foot fetish content creators, including one’s that you’ve never seen before.? What is a “wall”?? Those are the 9 profiles of “Just Added Feet” up above ;).? Ahhh come see the sights and sounds…

Summer 2021 / September 6 – Yep, another version update at 3 am.? Welcome to version 6.2.? The only real changes are on the bottom where the news feed is, it’s alot prettier now, also added a couple of new paragraphs at the top of the page.? Read it if you wish.? From the back end, I removed some modules that I was ready to part ways with.? Throwing up a new wall of content creators this morning as well.? Happy Labor Day too ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer 2021 / September 2 – I’m going to go ahead and revamp the links to these foot fetish content creators, after the only fans fiasco last month, blah.? With the new buttons, “See Me” means that the link goes to a website or singular promotional page of the model.? “Stalk Me” means that the link goes to a link tree or other promotional page with multiple links.? “Worship Me” denotes that the model sells “smellables”.? Lastly, a disclaimer because “the internets”.? If anyone takes the “stalk me” literally, and harasses these models, you are a fucking retard.? Disclaimer done ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer 2021 / August 28 – So I changed the gallery and the “just added feet” back to the old design, since it’s much faster with multiple files and I don’t have to worry about sizing galleries when I get them.? ALSO I have optimized the foot fetish tube, previous load time was about 4 seconds. now it’s 1.5 seconds, you’re welcome ;). Stating this since some of you peeps think that I’ve forgotten that I own a foot fetish tube.? I have not, haha, but it’s not my biggest priority right now.? Indexing this glut of new delicious foot talent is paramount.

Summer 2021 / August 26 – At some point, this foot fetish directory is going to be too big to re index.? So just making sure I have everything I want on the content creators and website pages before moving on to doing the same thing to all of my other visual directories.? Also VOTE on your favorite foot site or content creator.? Goodies are all now ranked by popularity.? So you all have a big say on this ff directory.

Summer 2021 / August 25 – So yeah I’m back, fuck it, I’m going to go ahead and redirect these content creators, fucking only fans, blah..? So with that and a crapload of other changes because “might as well”, this is going to be a version update to 6.1.? Also I’ve never checked links on this directory, so I’m going to do that while I’m at it.

Version 6.1 more in depth – All posts are now without title in the center.? Popular and Top Rated Feet are now faster, not as pretty, but faster.? Network, now has some of my other niche directories you can check out.? I have the GDPR in place as well as our age disclaimer to keep the riff raff out, so welcome to version 6.1.? This directory will be indexed by tomorrow night, God willing.

Update – yeah this directory is going to take a minute.? I need to fix some SEO stuff, also the models or websites that didn’t have 30 promotional pictures when indexed, I’ll be adding them now.? Also the multiple twitter links on each page will be going down to one.? I’ll also be adding a crapload of promotional movies below the promotional image galleries.? I heard that only fans changed their minds, well fuck them still.? Pulling every single fucking link on my network and adding link tree’s so you can stalk the hell out of your favorite content creators.? blah.? Some sites, I’m adding thoughts, some I am not and just updating the pictures.? Look at this update as a “deep cleaning” of all libraries.

Summer 2021 / August 22 – Ok, the Only fans fiasco, first of all.? Most of the content creators listed here are of the soft core variety, so I don’t think that alot of pages will be affected.? However, I will be re indexing this site (seeing what sites are 404, which ones are still up, etc.) this fall.? I will also take this opportunity to upgrade the old buttons to the new design while I’m at it..? This will probably take a month.? I’ll start on this in November.? Going to be indexing up till then.? After that, I’ll be back on the foot fetish tube starting regular updates.??Today, got a new wall of content creators going up!

Summer 2021 / August 3 – Hello, got a new wall going up tonight and the “feet of the week” just looked all kinda of awkward from the size that it was, so I made it a little more feng shui in that sense.? This applies mostly for desktop browsing.? Lastly, bringing back my voting module.? Please use it since these models are ranked in popularity only by the rating system I have at the bottom of each page.

Summer 2021 / July 30 – Hey all, still doing version 6 stuff.? I’ll be adding legsex promotionals to the gallery area as well as starting to add video promotionals to my foot fetish tube.? So we’re starting that early.

Summer 2021 / July 25 – More Version 6 stuff today, namely catching up my Foot Fetish Reviews library.? Also I know this page loads slow for some of you, so I’m going to be decreasing some of the elements of this page.? Meaning shrinking stuff down!? So this page is going to get alot more “minimalist” by this evening.? Also updating the core of our tube to make surfing it faster as well.

Summer 2021 / July 22 – I forgot to mention that the “Foot Fetish Reviews” library will also be worked on and completed next week.? This page is also a part of the Version 6 update.? Also I know this site loads slow for some of you.? I’m sorry, but I wanted to build a “web 3.0” directory to “future proof” against making updates all the time as some of the next gen code I’m using becomes more mainstream.? Basically 5g becoming widely available to the average user.? It’s a slick ass directory for sure, but there is alot of code and media to load, same for our foot fetish tube.? It’s also a reflection of how big our community is getting.? So I apologize if it sucks loading us but if this is the case for you, It’s not my server, it’s your bandwidth..? Thanks for your patronage!

Summer 2021 / July 17 – I’m going to go ahead and update to Version 6.? You’ll notice that there is now a dedicated “Coed Feet” index.? This is because my foot models index is just getting too big.? Always growing and expanding, right?? The new gallery and action button format on the models and websites pages are part of this update.? I’ve also added a “Feet of the Week” archive as well for the future.? The integration of my old foot fetish directory into this one will also be part of Version 6.? Lastly, some performance updates to make this site a bit faster.

Summer 2021 / July 16 – Throwing up another wall of fresh feet for you to checkout this evening.? All in my quest to have 500 content creators with beautiful feet, foot sites and foot fetish galleries up by the end of the year.? You’ll also see that I’ve paired down these tabs a bit.? Also changed some of the verbiage to more accurately represent the various foot fetish libraries contained here on this domain.? You’ll see that as of tonight, I am updating the buttons and image gallery template on every page.? Hope you dig the redesign.? I’m also going to revisit the foot fetish archive as well, I have some sites to add, sadly.? Please support your favorite foot fetish models!

Summer 2021 / July 3 – ..Still adding a wall, got sick.? No not covid.? Happy 4th and all that stuff.? I’m super lucky to live in a country where there is such a diverse group of people.? Mind you, I live in a city with over 4 million people, so it’s big.? If I want German women’s feet, I can go to the German club across the street, if I want Russian women’s feet, I can go downtown to the Russian clubs or neighborhoods.? Not sure to what extent other cities in other countries have this.? But we’re a diverse country.? And I’m proud of it.? And probably the only country now that still celebrates the 4th of July, because of all of our political and covid bullshit the past 4 years.

Summer 2021 / June 28 – Adding a new wall today, soooo glad I am finally able to further these concepts, with the extra week ;). Next week, i’ll be moving foot fetish reviews over from the old archive!? After that, back to galleries.? In addition to the bi weekly updates of new women with beautiful feet.? Lastly, with this update, we surpass 300 foot sites, models, content creators and galleries!? My goal for the holidays?? 400+ indexed!

Summer 2021 / June 25 – So now that I have all this extra time, I’m now able to go through my old site directory and add some pretty cool foot sites that I’ve had great partnerships with throughout the years.? I highly encourage you all to check those new additions out.? Also starting on page 3 of the 404 foot sites pages.? I’ve revamped them as well.? And in like 72 hours, i’ll have another wall of new foot fetish content creators from around the world!? Woot!

Summer 2021 / June 22 – Hola chooms.? You’ll notice that I’m going to be putting up a ton of foot fetish galleries in the next couple of weeks.? You’ll also notice that the new galleries look a little different than all of the other galleries.? ..Yep, it’s on purpose :P. I dig it.? And it looks sick on mobile.? Anyhoo, that’s what I’m doing for the next couple of weeks.

Spring 2021 / June 14 – Hey all, I’m throwing a couple more content creators up, and I’m also announcing 2 week updates.? I haven’t been able to make way on the rest of my network because of all of the updates on all of my directories.? I’m cool with that, make no mistake, but it would also be nice to have a dedicated 4-5 days every couple of weeks to move forward and finish this network.. Well it will never be “finished” but you all know what I mean.? I should be back to a weekly schedule with everything by the fall.? …and when that happens, iI will also be resuming our foot fetish tube updates and I know you all like the sound of that.? Until then, stay cool out there!

Spring 2021 / June 8 – Ok, I’m done here for the week, thanks for the feedback on music.? The ambiance gives this site some “balls”, doesn’t it.? Flesh based, “grade a” pleasure!? I’ve added “Feet of the Week” to this media accordion.? All my little updates and refreshes are done as well.? See you all later next week!

Spring 2021 / June 6 – Oh don’t mind me peeps.? I’m getting old, the sickness that I’ve had since the pandemic started is actually type 1 diabetes, which is fucking horrible.? I shouldn’t have to die for wanting a good piece of cake every now and again.? If my network ever goes 404, thoughts and prayers, haha.? I’m like 50, to young for all of this.? Other hand, I’ve learned alot of important things that I wouldn’t have had it not been for this experience.? Anyhoo, that’s why I’m late updating this week.? Uploading 9 new libraries this evening, farting around with the GUI.? Hope you are are well!

Spring 2021 / May 24 – Oh well, would you look at what my whore of a foot fetish created.? Turned a corner and stumbled into Version 5.8.? A visual shrine to pretty girls with stinky feet everywhere on the entire planet!? My minimalist tick is going to be the death of me, because the front end is minimalist as fuck.? My network now has the latest tech and this is for the community.? But hey, grab a drink, fuck around, kick the tires and mail me if something goes haywire.? Thanks peeps!

Spring 2021 / May 9 – As of Tatiana’s update, you’ll see that I’ve upgraded my gallery, this should be site wide by Monday night.? Also twitter stuff is now in tabs so it’s much, much more mobile friendly.? I’ll be doing that to the others soon and all of this should be done by the end of the month.

Spring 2021 / May 3 – A minor update this early morning, Version 5.6 incorporates mini reviews for all only fans, patreon or model centro sites.? It’s at the bottom of their promotional galleries.? I’m going to give myself until the end of the month to have that done.? Also as you can see beneath this box is a new “Update Changelog” button, so you can see my past updates if you wish.? Also added a new library called “Goodies”, there you can see Foot Fetish Tik Toks and Pretty Feet Sneak Peeks where, you know since I’m indexing over 100 niches, big boob models with pretty feet go here as would hot models with pretty feet, etc, etc…

Spring 2021 / April 29 – A continuation and conclusion of the 5.5 update, I’ve added a new page, called FAQs, it’s located in the footer of the site.? Also changed the background color of the twitter embeds.? Added a second library called “Foot Bytes” as well, incorporating any and all foot fetish video teaser content from all of our partners throughout our network, here.? Please be patient as that library is under construction.

Spring 2021 – Version update today!? I will be embedding promotional video for all models that have promotional video.? Whether it be embeds or capture, if they have it..? These will be called “Gum drops”, cute, right?? Foot fetish website promotionals will continue to be on the tube, FYI.? Also bringing foot models from our sister site, SocialMediaFeet.com, to integrate here at Foot Adoration if they have switched to having their own sites, only fans, patreon, etc.? Going through sites and girls here, looking for 404’s and categorizing them accordingly.? While I’m at it, might as well also be updating them if they need to be updated, media added, etc.? Finally, every model and website now has the option of rating at the bottom of the respective pages.? This update is now complete.

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