Foot Fetish Pioneer Chaz Fontana, 20 Years Later

I remember in 1999, I got my first subscription to Trembling hands fumbled with the navigation in a dimly lit room with my 300 mhz blueberry imac, until I had, squarely in my sights, one of the most beautiful collections of women that I had ever seen. And her feet were a song to me. I loved all of the crazy angles and pov (point of view) photography that welcomed me and embraced all of my senses. That is how I first learned of Christiaan, who would later change his name to Chaz Fontana. Four foot fetish, foot worship and sheer pantyhose concepts later, I admire how versatile this fetish performer, has become. He’s been kicked out of Colorado, because of his notorious fetish parties, he’s hob nobbed with L.A. celebrities, he’s worshipped Lindsay Lohan’s feet… lucky bastard. I recently got the chance to sit down with him via skype and pick his brain on the finer points of being a sexual deviant in 2018.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to sit down and talk to me.
Chaz – No problem, thanks for having me back!

How old were you when you realized that you had a foot fetish?
Chaz – I was 10 years old, via my daycare teacher.

That’s pretty young. How did that define you?
Chaz – I was very awkward in school. I had to tow the thin line of not getting my ass kicked because I was “weird” and paying cheerleaders to make out with their feet after they had worked out after school. I learned the power of discretion and the power of money “pay to play” if you will, at a very early age.

It seems that your fetish has defined you.
Chaz – It has, I’ve completely given myself over to it.

You were one of the first promoters to have fetish parties in Denver. When you had them in Los Angeles, they were private, and the events in Denver were public. Why not have everything public?
Chaz – I made a mistake having the fetish parties in Denver public. I eventually got shut down and basically run out of town. I learned the lessons of my time in Denver to just hit the ground running with private mansion parties in L.A. I was pretty heavy into the gothic scene in both cities and thank them so much for supporting me back then. Without that crowd, I would not had been as popular as I became.

You are out of promoting fetish events now, though?
Chaz – I will have a “one off” event now and then, but for the most part, I stick to directing at this point.

Your lesbian fetish work was nominated for an award a couple of years back.
Chaz – Yes, very blessed to be making inroads in that niche. Most “lesbian porn” makes me want to hurl, haha. It’s just not real. I want it as real as possible. I don’t use “prop lubricants”. If the girl is wet, that is actually her vaginal fluid that the other model is drinking. It’s beautiful.

You call your fetish “the beast”, why is that so?
Chaz – It’s like I have two people inside of me. Constantly struggling for control. I use the analogy of a snake wrapped around my spine. Makes me do things I wouldn’t normally do. In the summer when it’s hot, it’s the worst. Everything, from my girlfriends to the money I spend is all for my perversions. And it’s getting worse as I age. I’m going to be a monster when I’m 70, haha.

How are the fetish scenes in Denver and Los Angeles now, in 2018?
Chaz – Denver doesn’t really have a fetish scene. It could, but there are too many attitudes and “scene fame” on the line for these people. And the vibe of the city is not necessarily kinky, although the swinger scene is very large here. In Los Angeles, the fetish scene has remained intact, but is mostly underground at this point. The Dungeon, Floor 131, all have closed down, but other things have popped up to take it’s place. The best parties in L.A. are invite only. Always has been, always will be.

Do you want to give any Shout Out’s?
Chaz – Megan in Los Angeles, keep doing what you’re doing!

Any advice to any up and coming fetish promoters out there?
Chaz – The best fetish parties are run by fetishists. If you are not into that scene, for the love of God, stick with what you know. Do a “Friends” reunion party or something. Do not do these parties for “scene fame” or to catch a relationship or to impress your friends. There has to be some underlying passion to the whole thing. Don’t have 50 people who are not fetishistically inclined, giving advice about your parties. That’s how you become a laughing stock. Keep it real, do not get an investor, use your own money. Do not blast your friends all over your flyer time and time again, especially if they aren’t fetish minded performances. Be objective, actually having people that are known locally for being fetishists, will add so much to your credibility, so that other fetishists will be inclined to go. Keep this theme fetishistic. Don’t have jugglers at a fetish event.

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