Her Beautiful Feet Review

This Her Beautiful Feet Review is the fourth iteration of what Chaz Fontana has been doing for over two decades.  His first site way back in 1999, was fFiveLittlePiggy.com.  Followed by BeautifulFeetOnline.com back in 2005 and the current morphing of his exclusive content is HerBeautifulFeet.com.  One thing about Chaz fontana, who also owns this network, btw, so gotta be nice ;). He’s fixated on longer toenails, he thinks that they are just more elegant.  Nothing crazy about the length, the longest toenailed model he has is probably Empress Vada and at her longest she’s maybe 3/4″ over the end of her big toes.  He loves wide toenail beds and vein structure of the foot.

Inside his members area, there is over 1/2 Tb. of content ready to go.  When he started way back then, he was a very “amateur” photog, now the qulity of his content is worlds apart.  You can actually see his skills grow over the years with his expansive library.  I do love all of the POV, the angles and content quality is excellent.  Be aware that his movies are now fully downloadable, so there is a big watermark in the middle of the video but it’s really faded out, like a 1/2 invisible watermark or something.  His models are all over the place as far as looks.  He’s got Coed to Mature.  One thing his models do have in common, is the fact that they all have beautiful feet!

Compared to other sites, his content libraries of his models are extensive, usually 6 movies running 10 – 20 minutes.  Foot Worship sets, Barefoot sets and Sheer Pantyhose sets await you here.  Also of note, the images that look all “high rez” are actually screenshots, so you can see the quality of his movies.  There is a streaming tube as well in the members area that runs full spec 4k / 60fps HDR movies that look ridiculously clear and the color correction is “true to life” imho.  Like the extended trailer below, running native 4k.  Check this guy out.

…And to top it all off, with some of the models, he eats their toenails, sucks on their callouses and eats various other parts of them.  He calls it “Beauty Worship”..  “Pretty girls with Stinky feet” is another mantra of his, when I posed the question about how he sources his foot models.  Chaz Fontana is an eccentric fetishist, and one of the few OCD Lifestyle Fetishists creating content right now.

See Me
See Me

• This is a full resolution 4k preview running at 60fps.  Since we own this site, you can also get an idea of how fast our server runs!

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