Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane, hmm I wish there was no “photoshop” on some of the pics, it’s oblivious and looks kinda bad imho.  If you want to do bokeh, please buy a proper dslr or mobile phone that has that capability.  I swear I’m not trying to be mean, I mean you’re here and you have great quality foot fetish traffic well, forever, on an invite only directory.  Sooo yah, I love ya.  Sarah is pretty and her feet are smellable, I wonder what her ethnicity is?  I love her hair.  Wish she would smile more.  Not in the stereotypical way that guys say that.  It just completes my fantasy, if I can see your smile, my brain can fantasize that much more, about scenarios, and we love a delicious scenario.  I love the fact that she’s topless.  Thank you, Goddess.

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See Me
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