Vanesa’s Coed Feet

Vanesa’s Coed Feet are really cute.  She is really pretty.  I am a fan of her bone structure, as weird as that sounds.  And in some pictures, her makeup is quite “vampy” which I also love.  ..Ok I’m guessing that she’s a soles girl, primarily, since that’s all that I’m really seeing so far.  Wow, she’s got great leg definition.  I dig her makeup..  Ok, foot fetishists aren’t one dimensional by any stretch, what I love about women’s feet, some other foot fetishists might loathe, and visa versa.  I love “top shots” so I can see vein structure, toenail depth, toenail width, length, yada yada.  So yeah…  And this isn’t railing against Vanesa in particular.  She’s mos def worth a look or she wouldn’t be here.

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See Me

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