Modern Foot Fetishism

One of the things that I have noticed in my old age, is the stark reversal of Modern Foot Fetishism, compared to the way that it was, back when I was growing up.  Things were simpler…  Christ, did I actually just say that?  No seriously though, people communicated more, back when you actually had to call or visit someone to see what they were doing, hang out with them, etc.  Today, with text messaging and social media, everything now, is much, much less informal.

Is this doing more harm that good?  I don’t really know, I feel that it is.  Now people jack off to the massive amount of porn on the internet.  When I was in high school, I seriously jacked off to Sear’s catalogs, or went into the mall and asked sales ladies if I could worship their feet.  I just didn’t care.  I was a pimple faced kid that jacked off all of the time, and feet and pussy were always involved in what I was doing.  Now, people have fetlife and other things, like this directory… hey!  …To keep them busy.  I think that people are waaaay too narcissistic these days.  Hot chicks can get thousands of “likes” from people all over the world and think that they are some sort of fucking demigod or something.

Take this article from NY Daily and you will see what their take on the effects of social media on the average person.  I think that if the populace is more withdrawn then they certainly might not be as outgoing or adventurous as they might have been before tech came up and presented us with information overload on a daily basis.  So there’s that.

There really aren’t two ways about it, if you ask a chick about worshipping her feet, or whatever it is that you do to get what you want, she is either so down or not into it at all.  People don’t like things that they don’t understand.  Most will never venture forth and embrace what they aren’t into, if they aren’t at least curious about the same thing, themselves.  I think that the whole foot fetish community in itself, was more opportunity because of the social view of things changing.  Who knew you could go into a store and buy a bag of killer kind buds, a 4 foot bong and edibles, all in one sitting, on your way to go grocery shopping.  But the key to this is knowing what avenues work for you and how good you’re game is…

When I was young, I always told myself, “man, I CANNOT WAIT until 2015, foot fetishism will be in the mainstream and it will be fucking AWESOME!!  Well we are one year away and it’s not quite there yet, but it is coming along, as the attitudes of “taboo” sex comes more to light and people become more accepting of kink, in general.  Everyone is different, you might be in the U.K., and pimping feet might be way harder than doing it here in the U.S., where no one gives a shit, depending on where you’re located.  Big cities are much more fun to play in than a one horse town.  On the other hand, women in one horse towns are bored as hell, and looking for something, anything to take their minds off of the fact that they are bored as hell, daily.

So is it all subjective?

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  • The ArchDuke

    Everybody’s mileage varies, but I think this is the Olympian age of foot fetishism. I have never known a time when women took more care to beautify their feet. And that’s not even to mention the mainstreaming of fetishistic footwear for women. The heels get more and more nakedly erotic every season. Maybe it doesn’t translate into more sexual gratification for the average pervert, but I feel like I’m at least in an atmosphere where the eros of the foot is a little closer in from the margin. I feel more like a specialist and less like a freak. Which is good enough for me!

  • Chaz Fontana

    I completely agree, fetishism in general is much more “out” in 2015 than it was in 1985.

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