My Long Toenails

Ahhh, Ann, and My Long Toenails.  She has been online for about a decade now.  And she does have her share of followers.  Her feet, first and foremost, are some of the most beautiful feet that I have ever seen in my life.  They are perfection personified, and even more so if you are a long toenail fetishist like myself.  She is an older lady.  And that is much of the allure that her fans have with her.  On her website, there is not alot of information about her, so I will fill in the blanks, since we have talked on the phone.

Ann is in her early fifties and is a southern woman.  I can only imagine the humidity on a hot southern night.  You would be able to pamper and smell the sweet perfection of her feet for hours.  And the next morning… considering that you spent the night, you could gently suck the dried sweat off of her beautiful feet the next morning.  She has had her feet worshipped before in real life, which is awesome!  She said that she actually enjoys having her beautiful feet serviced from time to time.  Now on to the review!


Well her site is a BHE site, and much love and respet to the BHE vrew, but for the love of God, please, oh please revamp your members areas!!  It is not 1999 anymore.  You can’t download the sets as a zip file, instead, it is a handpicked image type of affair.  Ann, unfortunately, does not have a ton of video, but on the bright side, she does have 7 years of footage under her belt.  Some of it looks like it is self shot, and some others were made by a photographer.  Ann is in the Health Care industry and after a 14 hour shift at the hospital, her feet most definitely need some loving.  She is a very cool woman and this site access is more out of respect to her and her beautiful feet than anything else.  The site access is under 20 bucks and any love to her beauty is greatly appreciated.  Also as far as I know, Foot Pervert is the first Foot Fetish Directory to feature this website, and as a follower of hers for many years, I can say that even though her site is mainly image based, spend 20 bucks and support her so that we can keep her on the web for many years to come!

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