The State of Online Feet in 2015, For Better or Worse…

Ok, well as you know, not only are we a foot fetish directory, tube, gallery post, you know, the things that hundreds of other foot fetish sites are, but we are a living, breathing online destination of footies from all over the world, come together for one common purpose.  You know, I have been online, in one form or another, since 1999.  Things were mos def different in those days.  Dial up 56k baud connections, sites that are long gone now, were in they’re glory, 800 pixel images were super high tech, as were the thumbnail SD movies that dominated that time.

In the online adult game, I have seen far too may foot fetish sites go forth unto the great beyond, whether it was because the webmaster’s had no clue what they were doing or no one came and supported them, or they just generally sucked at marketing.  But back then, if you built it, they would come.  Back in the day, when everything on the growing net, was dazzling and paying for memberships with your credit cards were oh so cool.  Many people flourished.  You could literally be a hot chick, throw some foot pics up, and profit immediately.  This was before tubes, mind you.  Tube’s came into the forefront of porn in 2004ish.  And now they are everywhere, quite literally.

This change, being very convenient for most, has done major damage to the online porn game in recent years.  For better or worse, many people that were in our scene and have had foot sites for years it seems are closing they’re doors and calling it quits.  Why?  Because you just simply cannot support a website that you pay hundreds of dollars for models, plus hosting, web work, marketing, traffic, etc.  Without completely going into the hole nowadays.  We, as foot fetishists, are called a “niche market”.  Why?  Well because alot of people aren’t into feet, despite our particular fetish being the absolute most popular kink out there.  So the adult webmasters back in the day, were all like “do niche, it always sells”.  In 2015, however, even that is not the case anymore.

I have had many foot fetish webmasters come to me and quite literally beg me to put their promo stuff up.  Of course I will, you know, anything to help out our community right?  But I still see these sites, months later, closing up their doors and just saying “fuck it”.  On the other hand I have had many of you emailing me and asking “why don’t you put more foot fetish sites up?”  Well to be honest, THERE ARE NO NEW FOOT FETISH SITES.  It’s fucking sad.

Now is this because the average surfer would rather go and beat off to a tube than support a “mom and pop” site in our community?  I would certainly hope not.  Since if there is no demand, how can there be a supply.  I run quite a few foot fetish sites out there and I am getting members.  Enough to keep the lights on but that’s about it.  So is this a labor of love now?  No, I refuse to believe that.  My stuff is for the foot fetish collector.  A foot fetishist that want’s everything in the highest quality HD 1080p.  And I have been in this game for a decade and 1/2.  So I know my rubles.  And I am a passionate foot fetishist.

I can beg you all to support your local foot fetish sites, but at the end of the day, this is a decision, for you solely, to make.  But I will tell you this.  I have never, in all of my years, promoting foot fetish sites on the internet, seen, no new foot sites or foot content being produced.  And it’s kinda scary.  In 2015, does this community go off the cliff?  Idk, but we really need to support our websites, by our people.  Making updates, getting models to pose, is not free.  I can assure you that no one is getting rich off of this game.  When you become a member of any site, you’re helping pay for models and hosting.  And more than that you are investing, even if you join for a month, into the brand of foot fetish that you want to see.  Please leave some comments and tell me what you think.  It’s always appreciated, people.


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  • FootMaster

    From a surfers perspective. It’s just too easy nowadays for me to go to xhamster and beat off to whatever I need. I really don’t think about hurting this community, I just think, hey, I make 12 bucks an hour, I cannot afford to spend 30 bucks a month on a membership that I may love or hate.

    • Chaz Fontana

      Yeah that’s why I post this from time to time, just to make people aware that the state of foot fetish sites online in general, is that they are a dying breed.

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