Foot Factory

First of all, I would like to say that I am a pretty big fan of Ed Fox and Foot Factory.. He has really been around the streets of southern California, and pretty much the only photographer that captures the women from the Adult Industry in an interesting and subversive light. He also features Xanthia Doll, who is just one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! I just love her look, her big areolas and her sexy feet.

The models other than well known Adult Actresses Feet, are mainly the subversive, fetish type. Again, this is a selling point for me, as usually fetish models are comfortable, if not down with our fetish as much on screen, as they are in real life. The photography is stunning and amazing… again, Ed Fox. One of the reasons I wish there were more fetish photographers getting into online fetish erotica. The photography is just very serious and not so amateurish.


The movies, unfortunately, are not in HD, however, there is a very good library of video that runs usually for 10 minutes or so a pop. Or at least that was the average that I got. In my opinion, it’s a win, win situation, the photos are easily downloaded with .zip files, as are the movies inside that are completely downloadable.

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