My Foot Fetishists Handbook

I mean it’s all from memory, mind you. All of the things that have happened in my life. So these are just a few notes that I wrote down, not to say that any of this will “resonate” with you. We are both foot fetishists, but so far apart, usually on how to “eat the cake”. I love you all though, I would not have built this foot fetish directory if it were not for all of your support through the years.

Topics i’ll be writing about, fun right? These are all of my thoughts relating to my life and past experiences. It’s not an “advice” column or any of that shit. I just figure that maybe some of you might relate on my past experiences to maybe make you better? …or maybe you’re better already. Also it will mos def be a work in progress, so yah.

Getting “turned out” for the first time

I was “turned out” at the age of 9 years old, by my daycare teacher. “Turned out”, meaning that she was my first, she is the one that turned me into a foot fetishist. How did she do this? I was playing outside and I went inside to get a drink one day. I see Ms. Knowling with her legs crossed, in sheer pantyhose with a kid laying on the floor, sucking on her toes. She beckoned me with her finger with a smug look on her face, asking me if I wanted to “smell something good”. I took a quick peek at her other foot and her toes were wet with the saliva of the other kid I assume, who was now laying on the floor, sucking on Ms. Knowling’s other foot. I politely declined, delicious that was it. It didn’t stop there.

With “nap time”, she would always sit directly in front of my cot and then she would put her pantyhosed feet on my face. Her feet stank. This was in south Texas in the 1970’s, mind you. She would look at me and tell me to “give it a minute” whilst rubbing her sweaty pantyhosed feet on my face. Looking back, she was referring to give it a minute so I would be comfortable with her foot odor. That’s how it started for me. All of this at a christian school. I don’t blame God for that. I’d actually like to think that I have a great relationship with God.

What is a “Primary”

My daycare teacher is my “primary”. She’s the one who turned me on to this deviancy. She is the one that rules all others in my world, my mind, my “jack off”. memories, my eternal queen. To this day, I prefer middle aged women that wear makeup and my taste for pantyhose is a direct reflection of the influence my primary had on me. Idk if in your case, you have idealized your primary to hell and back, but I have, I’ve always done it.

Fetishistic Regret

When I was in high school, there was a girl named Michelle that I had a huge crush on. Now I grew up poor, my parents could barely afford to take us to the dentist, so my teeth were yellowish. My glasses sucked because they were the very cheapest my mom could find. I was fat, my self esteem was more like self loathing. I couldn’t bare to ask her out and be rejected. She was the kind of girl that had lipstick on her teeth when she smiled, just the epitome of cute. Well we were both in choir class and our teacher had a get together at his house. This is also mid 80’s mind you, in fucking Oklahoma of all places, haha.

She was sitting behind me while we were all bullshitting around at our teachers house. She propped her feet up on my back. I could feel the warmth and moistness of her feet through my cotton t shirt. I turned around, made a face at her and …yeah. Ok so fast forward 20 years and I find her on facebook and friended her (she did not accept my request) and told her all about my crush on her feet. No response. So trying to rectify that in my mind led me to pursue all options. Even as a 50 something guy now, I still remember her and her feet like it was yesterday. In this situation, self forgiveness is key.

Afraid of the way her feet smell

I will have a big crush on a random girl and when I take her shoe off and get the initial blast of her pheromones, i’ll decide right then and there, almost sub consciously, how worship with her is gonna go. Also as fucking weird as it sounds, sometimes i’ll even “resent” the way her feet smell and will make a decision about her, based purely on her pheromones. Which isn’t fair to her at all. Sometimes when I’m jacking off, i’ll replace her scent with a scent that I just like better, you know? Regardless, I’ve missed some good opportunities because of this shit. Still pushing through.

Dating as a Foot Fetishist

God, with “ghosting”, “cat fishing” getting stood up and online dating apps having a reputation of being “cluster b disorder” central, it’s fucking rough out there already without being a foot fetishist. I’m always up front about my proclivities, as women say they want it, and why waste time, right? Rarely do I have someone pick me out and swipe right first off and that’s ok, ya know. It’s always been a mystery to me why women will let me fuck the devil out of them but as far as their feet, no pass, no go, haha. It’s an insecurity issue on their part. The problem most likely isn’t you, it’s just the world. I live in a city where the light will turn red and people will still be ripping though an intersection, not giving a fuck? I tend to think that the selfishness is subconscious at this point.

It’s really a delicious time in society’s history that we’re right here, right now with everything. Flip side, the circling of the drain is happening faster and faster as society spirals down. Over half the country (USA) is on psyche meds, the other half, lonely as hell and angry about it, “but hey, I’ve got 1000 followers on “name your social media site”. Fuck, so I’m completely up front, tell them on my profile that I am a foot fetishist, blah blah. I get lots of women who are curious about it. Some that know, but mostly not except from what they’ve seen from “50 shades of grey” or some other movie in the genre. It just fucking blows me away, I’ll see a woman walking down the street and I immediately want to be at her feet and on her ass. I don’t really even consider myself super kinky. To think that almost no guys get down like that is just kinda heartbreaking. They’ll never truly be worshipped.? Oh the weight that the modern sexual deviant has to carry.

I am not the one that can hide what and who I am. I burn, burn, burn every single day of every single minute that I am alive. Passionless people are disgusting to me. You can be into lego building and shit, as long as you’re passionate, you understand what I am. Fetishists that are somehow miraculously are able to hide their preferred proclivities, Fucking bravo. But imho it’s cowardly because eventually you’ll cheat, you’ll break her fucking heart and what was a good relationship that now, is just a hulking, smoldering mass that can never be rebuilt. I say front with your partner and if she or he freaks, they aren’t for you, dear dear footie.

Women today are not used to us. They feed off of scraps of intimacy and call it love. It’s not a nice story. You need to be gliding into that shit, don’t plop your balls down on the table, first thing, because it’s rude and nothing says “basic” like lack of manners. I probe, see what types of relationships that she’s experienced before anything deviant comes out of her mouth. It’s all sliding scale stuff like, “well her feet aren’t really pretty, but she has humongous tits so, fetishistic brain weighs options, etc, etc. My only advice with this because now I’m just rambling, is be yourself. Fetishistic self validation will eventually make these decisions for you. Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you’ve already gone. And how much your particular perversion controls you.

People are superficial, they get their validation from fucking insta likes, really? I’m like 51, women my age do the same thing. People are selfish. No accountability anymore. Society spirals. Everyone’s fucking lost imho. It is always possible to find that true partner, but no one is perfect. Idk why people put stuff on their dating profiles like “if your a (Political affiliation) supporter, fuck off and die, swipe left, don’t like the color yellow? Too bad fuck, buy a “ball spreader” turn it to max.? Yada yada. I’m a glass half empty kinda guy, so sorry. But the flesh, my fanatics, the flesh is oh so delicious. I have touched love, I have touched the face of God. I’m tired to being hurt. Tired of loving toxic women. Toxic women are fun though, but you just can’t get emotionally involved with them.

Hierarchy of a Foot Fetishist

I use the boolean principle in dating alot. Boolean Logic is a form of algebra which is centered around three simple words known as Boolean Operators:.  At the heart of Boolean Logic is the idea that all values are either true or false. The words I put into them are feet big areolas or long labia. You can put whatever you want. The variable is her face (makeup, bone structure, ethnicity, lips, eyes, ears). I call women who are ok with me making out with their feet “Goddesses” because to me they are. I pay them, not much, but compensate 50-80 or so for “gas”. But I get to smell their feet as much as I want. I can suck on their callouses, no big deal, whatever. I’m not really into “foot jobs” so it’s all “ice cream without the calories”.

What I’m trying to say is that our network of women have tiers, Tier one is several octaves above my attractive range, meaning that I will meet them wherever, whenever to worship them. Whereas Tier four is like “the only thing I love, is the way her feet smell and omg are they so fucking beautiful. We all have some form of this, so not really big news, but figured it belonged here, regardless.

The Goddess

Women that are so fucking cool, they keep shit on the down low, they are pretty as fuck “girlie girls” to the max! Also with some of the stinkiest feet that I’ve ever experienced. They understand me, they are comfortable enough that they know I won’t go above the knee. And I never try to fuck them. They know how I like their feet on my face, they know what I want them to say to maximize the memory. They put in effort, I appreciate that. Some will let me clean their pussy hole with my mouth as I lay there, slurping up their cum. Those women are special.  They talk to me the way I want, paint their toenails the way I want, wear the types of shoes that I want.? Fetishistically, I love them all, oh so very deeply. We talk about whatever and hang out a little after, smoke a bowl or whatever. The reason I still believe in women are because of the Goddesses I’ve had in my life. I love them, and some of them say that they love me and that’s really all that matters.

The Foot Fetishist in 2022

I fear for you all, haha, just kidding. The market’s fresh and filled with fresh stock like loneliness, cluster b disorders, histrionic (validating yourself through others) bullshit. Money, Status and popularity rules the day. If you don’t want to date, you can rent. Everyone has a hustle now. I financially support my fair share. Don’t be lonely, dear fetishist, I’ll probably never meet any of you, but I love you. Why? Because I think that maybe you might understand me. All the madness that goes on inside our heads so many nights. But again, it’s all “sliding scale” stuff you know. You might have a passing fancy to women’s feet. Me, I live it, 24/7. I’ve had my ass kicked because of it, I’ve had my heart broken multiple times.  I’ve had my soul ripped apart and then shown to me by so many fucking devils in my life. I assume some of you are “plugged in” to perversion 24/7 I drive a new car, have my studio, which some of you may know. All my shit is nice. Your body is so fucking important. Discipline. We know that word inside and out. If you look like shit, fix it! Discipline to exercise, even meditation. <It helps so much, trust me. Roll in something that personifies you. We are inherently submissive, but that doesn’t mean I have to just be pathetic. I’m an “alpha male” with dudes, just waiting for “the collar to click” with a pretty woman. You all have your own worlds in your heads. Superficiality fucking sucks, but it’s lure nonetheless. The quality of pussy you will get to worship directly reflects how you look. I’m sorry, but in 2022 nice guys lose. Fuck that. I’m a Leo, I just… blah, lol. Keep that tender part of you private, party people, it’s sacred. And if you ever stop believing in love, it’s not pure anymore, at least in my world. So don’t go there.

The way we idealize

I put women who are cool enough to let me worship their feet on such a high “she can do no wrong” pedestal. It’s because in my world, even though she does not understand me in most cases, in my fetishistic mind, she at least accepts and understands me enough that emotionally I will let her in.. but only to the first room in my mind. God forbid I fall for her, especially if she’s in another relationship with another guy. You have to respect that!, Period, no if’s and’s or but’s. If your Foot Goddess is getting her brains fucked out by her boyfriend and you are her foot slave. You appreciate the rung of the ladder you’re on. If she was into you, sexually, she’d drop her boyfriend to be with you. That’s not happening. So you accept your rung on her emotional ladder of importance or you stop. We all have those “trophies” of memories on our mental shelf or “trophy room” for some of you. Keep your Goddesses pure in your mind, or risk the seeds of resentment in your mind, which is not fun.

Why we get “bored”

I’m gonna say why I usually get bored. I won’t assume that we have the same proclivities. In my case, the hunger the deep seeded hunger for women’s pheromones, for the act is 24/7. Sometimes I wish I could just unplug myself and take a freaking breather. It’s horrible. But I m far beyond driven. I can’t just serve one woman. Throughout the years, I’ve established a decades long network of women who’ll let me smell their feet after they’ve worked all day. In most instances, it’s on the down low. Idk it’s something that I’ve always done, I imagine. Let’s look at society in general for a minute. IT’s SOOO FUCKING EASY to rent women for an hour or so. Society is spiraling downwards. Blame it on the pandemic, that fuck nut trump, ukraine, asteroids, climate change, violent crime, etc, etc. Fully 1/2 of this country (USA) is on antidepressants for fucks sakes. Offer a pretty woman that you might know, 60 or 80 bucks or 100 if you’re balling, for her permission for you to make out with her feet after she’s worked a 10 hour shift.? < except for the footies that hate female foot odor, that would be a full blown fucking nightmare for those peeps, haha.

I rent, I don’t “buy”. That thing inside of my is like “I hope inflation goes even higher”, lol. ..Just so I might have a better success rate as it were. It’s harmless. Do not ever make the Goddess think that your ulterior motive is to fuck them. That’s a no go any day of the week. What woman wouldn’t want her feet worshipped after working all day from a trusted sub? Let’s keep the fantasy pg rated and you’ll giggle with the success that you might have in and out of your “circle”.

When I say “bored” I am not speaking about any form of infidelity, ie, fucking, eating a girl out, eating her ass, etc. If the woman has what I want, long labia or big pussy, big tits and pretty feet, I’ll fuck and be intimate only with her, it’s special. I know betrayal. Most fetishists do, deeply. I would never do that to another woman. Anyone that uses sex as a weapon is a grade a shit ball imho. That’s playing dirty. I know I won’t be able to keep my fetish at bay, done it too many times, I’m too old and I know my ways.? Usually at the start of a relationship, I ask permission to be able to worship other women’s feet. Keep it simple with your partners. If you can control your perversions, cool. If you’re like me and have given yourself over to your perversions a long time ago. This paragraph is for you.

Why we emotionally “detach”

We learned at an early age that women can be cruel. After that, you either idealize them for that power of dominance or you grow to resent them on an emotionally deep level. We detach so we don’t fall, or we don’t want to get hurt or you’re just a number. All of this with variables such as wealth, social status, attractiveness and other superficial shit like that. I don’t want to fall because either my Goddess is out of my league and I don’t want to fuck with the situation or I know that my Goddess will eventually disappoint and hurt me. I happen to used to like toxic women, histrionics and narcissists were my favorite, greedy little vampires that they are.. If/when and God forbid you ever get hurt, it’s not love that made it go sour. It was a host of other things. Love is pure, touching the face of God. I believe that the fetishistic mind detaches until you are deemed “safe” and worthy of trust.? Everything is earned, especially with a fetishist.

Be careful in love

It is especially important in the fetishistic mind, at least for me, that I hold some level of light inside of me. Does that make sense? Innocence might be another thing to call it. Others call it a “treasure box” deep inside of them that are the purest memories. I know that there is some light inside of me and that my intentions are usually pure and to the glory of the Goddess. Love is light. If you stop believing in love, then what do you aspire to, dear fetishist? You worship to what end? I’ve asked myself this question, thousands of times through the years. If you idealize your mates, you have to make it realistic. Your Goddesses are not mind readers nor are they perfect. If you even sniff the seeds of resentment, you address that shit right then and there. Be constructive, kill that emotion and move on. Once you start chipping away, it can’t be stopped, your relationship will unravel and ..curtains. It doesn’t need to be that way. Use your words and communicate if you love her. You need to understand whats inside of you. Know it, own it, try to control it. When a thought comes into your mind, analyze it if you have any questions about it.? What is the end game of all of the flesh that you’ve went through all your life. Did you hurt your Goddesses or are you still on good talking terms with them? For the future, what might make you a better mate Have you learned your lessons? Doomed to repeat them maybe? If you get off on humiliation, this might be a never ending black hole for you, haha.

The Thrill of the hunt

I actually used to call it that, clubbing = hunting. I notice everything. Eye direction, body language, gestures, rings on finger, shoes, clothing, hair, etc. All in hopes of finding a girl that would go back home with me at the end of the night and let me make out with her feet, and maybe if I’m lucky, get to clean her pussy hole with my mouth. I only have sex with relationships, not at all whilst single. STD’s freak me out and I don’t want that bond with other women.? Because somehow when I’m in that bond, I feel “accountable”. I was batting like 6 out of 10. I was already pretty well known in my city since I was hosting fetish parties at the time? So it wasn’t that hard. I was a “souvenir” collector when I was a kid. from 14 – 18, I would go into malls, have a story where I was this pledge that wanted to join a fraternity. Through small talk, I would tell the clerk, who was always pretty, “Idk what I’m gonna do if this girl doesn’t show up”. I would say. There never was a girl, it was fake. However, I got most of those clerks out of their shoes and they’re stinky feet on my face. The hunt has run deep with me most of my life.

The wacky world of “Smellables”

I’ve never really understood this. My fetish is pure. Some people are not. It’s just too easy for the content creators boyfriend to wear those socks. Which would be totally gross, haha. Idk why some people do it. Too much can go wrong, on the other hand, this has been a thing forever. Like peeps stealing underwear. We just make out with shoes socks and sheer things. I do have a tag for that for those of you that like to indulge that way.

The Twist of the snake

The snake, the beast, the darkness, whatever you want to call it. There is something inside every sexual deviant that has them take an early exit off of the highway which is society, from time to time. I picture my thing as a snake, coiled around my spine. The twists make me do things that “normal” peeps just don’t do. I am fully aware that I’m not a typical dude. I am also fully aware of the ludicrousness of the whole fucking M.O. of my operation and normal day to day. You wanna suck her tits, I wanna get into the smell of her feet. You wanna fuck, I think fucking is the end of a situation, not the beginning and middle.

“Pay 2 play”

Pay 2 play basically means that you’re giving women money to do whatever it is that you do with their feet. I prefer it. I don’t pay alot, like 60 bucks for an hour with her feet. Whoever “her” currently is. I have OCD, like I’ve mentioned before and throwing cash into the mix, I can specify nail color, length of her toenails and what kinds of shoes she should wear all day.? I prefer those 24.99 target flats.? Black preferably, since the sun tends to bake on black surfaces.? Usually after peeling her feet out of her flats, her feet are hot and wet. OMG how heavenly. Anyway, I look at it as a necessity in 2022. Money will also counter act the laziness that younger women have, in a direct way.

“Eat me, Drink me”

Christians drink grape juice and eat wafers in communion of Jesus. I eat women’s toenails and drink their sweat.? That is communion for me to the Goddess. I want to “go deeper” into women that I’m really enthralled by. It’s not enough to know their pheromones. I want to see how their keratin (toenails) tastes. I want to suck on their callouses or eat the dead skin of their heels. I’m a fucking pig. I am aware of this, but it’s so beautiful, haha.

How the Foot Fetishist forms Relationships

Again, for me, sadly maybe, is that as far as women, I base my “closeness” to them, based on if they’ve let me have my way with their feet or not. Those are the two camps. I will hang out more with the women that let me worship their feet more than those who do not. Probably because I might subconsciously think that the one’s that have had their feet on my face might “understand me more” than those who never have. The ones that do not, do serve a purpose, however, in my life.

Manipulation as a Tool

I’m not talking about “dark triad” shit. Be accountable, own your shit, think before you speak and never ever mind fuck someone who doesn’t want to be mind fucked. You know, not manipulating to hurt someone. When I was like 16, I had balls of steel. I used to go into malls in the 80’s and ask the sales women that I thought were pretty, if I could worship their feet. I lied about my age and said I was a college student pledge that was trying to get into a fraternity and there was another college student from a sorority that was supposed to meet me there. Of course this story was all made up, but it did make the sales women feel sorry for me. I have alot of good stories for that. One of the sales women one time took her shoe off and pointed her finger to the only part of her foot that was wet with sweat. And said “smell there”. Fucking beautiful! We both have beautiful memories, that psychological nudge was really all I needed. That is what I am talking about. And I can live with myself and go to sleep at night knowing that I haven’t wronged anyone.

If you’re really a student of the game, you’ll also learn yourselves body language interpretation, how to be well spoken and about the minds of women. Our Goddesses.

We “Feel More”


The Solitary Foot Fetishist

I walk this path. I don’t like people generally. Society is going down the fucking tubes, on fire and shit.. I remember my mom telling me about the same thing when I was a kid and me thinking that she had no idea what she was talking about. But everyone is so, so lonely, isolated socially and lost spiritually. I don’t understand people who don’t believe in anything. Is it some sort of child hood trauma or..? I think people are superficial and they hurt people emotionally. I’ve had enough romantic trauma to last a lifetime, thank you very much. They are pieces of meat to me if they are strangers or delectable morsels of flesh that I want. I’ll look and try to make the best memory of what their feet look like. Then i’ll go home and jack off, work on this network. Go to bed, get up and work.

I have friends but I rarely have company. I did all of that socializing when I was young. Instead of going to a bar and getting fucked up, I’d much rather be here with you. I just don’t like people and feel better in my own self made reality with my computer.

The Obsessive Foot Fetishist

This one is also an old friend of mine, so I can speak candidly about this subject as well. I think that I became obsessive way back when I was a kid. Especially when it came to doing chores. I had a stepdad who was straight out of the naval yard. Always white glove inspected kind of thing and I was just 12 years old. Back when I was a kid, if we fucked up, we got our asses beat. Everything reverts to childhood they say, well. That and hating being wrong about something also was a contributor to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Being an OCD fetishist, everything is on a scale. From the low end of the spectrum as far as the pheromones that women have to offer, to the high end of the spectrum.. Of course there are variables, beauty, out of my league? beautiful feet? do I love the length and width of her toenail beds. There have been perfectly built women that I have been at the feet of and could only stand the full effect of their “essence” by gazing upon who that scent belonged to and how lucky I was to have her feet halfway in my mouth like nothings wrong, haha. Epitome of beauty types of women. I mentally catalogue everything. I’m an emotional hoarder.? Every memory matters. Even he most miniscule detail, it’s beautiful.

On a personal level, I arrange my socks and underwear very neatly. I clean my house to white glove inspection standards. I like shiny things and various streams of income just in case something might fall through. I rotate my food and keep very close tabs on everything. I do try and keep my body in great shape, even though I am yet again coming off of an “episode”. I’m still grateful.

Dark Triad Foot Fetishist

…Something happened to these footies when they were also young. Something cloaked in darkness, a perversion that is real, pure, deep. And it has been turned into a steaming pit of toxicity. Much like a narcissist. You know these people. Superficial, nothing its ever of their doing, shirk responsibility and generally act like 3 year olds …um ..yeah. I thought there would be a “kumbaya” moment when the pandemic hit.  NOPE! Fucking a this world we live in. There is a Goddess with them, yes, but she’s of Lilith. Not pure. Most of these fetishists are bisexual as well, as adoration is any form is par for the course with these peeps. They take broken women and break them even more. The control dynamic is not of the light, I don’t dig that kind of control over another and ..yeah. Wish them the best though.

What is Beauty?

Beauty is whatever you want it to be. It’s been said and needs to be said again, that “whatever physical qualities that you have, there is always someone out there will always be willing to pay for it.” Guy or girl, doesn’t matter. There is someone for everyone. If you don’t believe in love, WTF are you doing? You can play in the flesh for eons, it’s the feelings though that truly solidify partnerships imho. Someone that says that beauty is just one fucking thing. Like it’s something finite with only a limited amount of space or something. NO, no, no. It’s everything. I consider myself lucky that I’ve lived my life, because of these feelings and the beautiful visions of “beauty” that’s been shared with me through the never ending Goddesses of my past, present and future. But what do I know I started these articles in case you’re a fetishist living alone in the south pole, haha. Just because it is rare for more than one of us to be at one place at a particular time. These are all ramblings. I just write. But that’s my take on beauty, peeps.

Why we may “pity” others

Probably because I feel so much, and I just know that other people do not feel to those emotional depths. And since I am a fetishist obsessed with women’s feet, I figure that some of you might feel the same way? Often, getting romantically involved with a partner, they always tell me that they’ve never been “touched like that” or “Chaz you’re so intense”. Why would they say this is? If “vanilla” guys were just killing it in regards to intimacy as a whole, the conversation would never come up. I’ve never understood why they’ve never experienced intimacy like that. So I feel sorry for them. I’m not saying that we are better than vanilla cats, but I mean.. maybe we are just much more expressive about our inner most feelings. Maybe we put our feelings in the physical realm in the form or touch or a heart felt caress that is so full of passion in a better way than others.

Closing Thoughts

.(this is an ongoing article, please check back often)

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