What I learned, indexing women’s feet in 2020

What I learned, indexing women’s feet in 2020

As far as what I learned, indexing women’s feet in 2020, there are several things that really caught my attention.  As most of you know, I own about 30 erotic directories, tubes and membership sites.  It’s what I want to do for a living, everything else is just a means to an end.  I’m not rich by any means, (probably why I ask you to click on my ads and help these girls.  This is our niche after all). It seems like the global pandemic has really pushed would be to active content creators about 5-7 years forward as far as procurement of er.. new talent.  The promise of easy money, “insta internet fame” and the prospect of being your own boss, the underlying current of the push forward.  Everyone last year in 2020 with all of this time in their hands.  I remember playing “The Division 2” with all of the graphics, eerily reflecting the state of the world that was going on at that time.  It was and still is shocking to me that we are 2 years into this pandemic.  Also to be honest, before the pandemic, I thought there were so many selfless people in the world, only to realize that between the pandemic and last years election, we’re actually completely fucked as a society..

Others, well most of us that are “working class” folks really had to either dip into our personal savings or find a new hustle really, really quick.  And word on the boards, forums and what not, was all about what people were making on Patreon, Only Fans, Model Centro and the like.  The masses were and are moved to action by hearing stories of “Hey this actress makes a million dollars a month on Only Fans, yada yada.  Added with the fact that social media has made most “cluster b disorders” just rise right the fuck on to the surface, like the head of a deep, dark lager.  Added to that, the modern day isolation and loneliness that many people go through.  Perfect storm for people to reach out, source another “hustle” or means of income to get by month to month.

In my opinion as a foot fetishist, seeing both this end (affiliate) and the other end (producing content), I would say that since I got on the net in ’95 that this year, 2021. is probably one of the best times to be alive as a footie searching for women’s feet on the day to day.
Chaz Fontana

In my opinion as a foot fetishist, seeing both this end (affiliate) and the other end (producing content), I would say that since I got on the net in ’95 that this year, 2021. is probably one of the best times to be alive as a footie searching for women’s feet on the day to day.  There are so many foot models out there looking for a slice of the pie so to speak.  Sometimes I wish there were an online class to teach these models about proper ways to take pictures or video, or makeup, etc, etc..  Sometimes I’ll come across a page and be like “Oh good Lord”, haha.  Some models that are so damn beautiful, or their feet are just Godlike.  At the end of the day though, it seems that everything else is working against them.  So they come and rise very rapidly in our community, only to fade away or go 404 (website not found) in most cases, over time.  Some instances, it might seem like the foot model has maybe never met one of us.  Maybe she’s just been told that we were a popular “niche”.  And we are.  As far as sexual deviants on a sliding scale, we’re the “star lords” of the crew, haha.  There really aren’t that many of us anyway as far as world population vs “fetishists” we are like 5% of all men.  This is my understanding.  Also please be aware that there is a BIG difference between casually liking women’s feet and “burning deeply inside every single hour of every single day”, in service of women’s legs and feet.  Patterning one’s like around it as foot fetishists often do.

I wish content quality for our community was like the sheer or cosplay fetishists, OMG I would say that maybe 1/2 of the online content creators in those niches, have content that is “collectable” quality.  And a good amount of fetishists in general are the consummate collectors of the internets.  Content quality matters, period!  And offering a rock solid, quality product is much more monetizable than average, so so quality.  Also it’s 2021 for fucks sake.  No one has an excuse not to be shooting in HD.  I “get” downgraded data rates for promos, but also give a taste every now and then about what I’m going to get inside your members area as well.  Why?  Chances are that I might live paycheck to paycheck and just want to make sure everything is perfect before I spend “food money” for a membership on your platform, website, insert concept here ____.

If you don’t understand the fetish (discipline) don’t try to sling it.  We can spot a fake from miles away.  If you are blessed, however with beautiful feet and you do try and sell them online, please take some time to try and understand foot fetishism or the clinical term for the condition, which is podophilia.  I, as well as my surfers can usually tell when someone is making a genuine effort.  And a stranger making an effort to understand how we function would make me want to promote you everywhere.  No two foot fetishists are alike, at all.  I love sweaty feet, other foot fetishists can’t stand sweat, some peeps are into arches, I am not.  etc, etc.  Please be aware of this.  Just because your boo likes you tied up like a pretzel with nutella all over your soles, doesn’t mean the rest of us will like it.  But I digress..


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