Beautiful Foot Models to Launch this Summer

One of my pet projects for Foot Adoration is to have the newest addition to my family, Beautiful Foot Models to Launch this Summer. I’ve had a foot fetish index up, in some form or another for upwards of 20 years. First with planet fuck, back in the 90’s, the Digital Divas Online network back in the early to mid 2000’s. And the Afterdarkkmedia Network since then. I do all of this myself and by some miracle, have been able to support myself from all of this hard work (80+ hours per week), looking after all of my children. As of this writing, easter weekend 2021, I own 8 erotic directories, covering 77 niches, and having indexed over 2000 sites in all. I own 11 tubes, covering 86 niches and streaming over 6500 movies, 24/7 network wide. The bandwidth I go through is fucking ridiculous, but that’s ok, I’d rather have a super fast network than a network that’s a little too big in the ass. All of these directories are my “dream” directories. Website listings, galleries, polls, movie previews and reviews.? what I thought they should look like if I made them, haha.

…I also LOVE music, music is so important. Probably why I have some of my favorite tunes in every concept. I look at these visual directories as art installations in a way. Blending various stimuli to more properly immerse you all to what’s in my mind. That’s probably because this concept looks different than anything you might have ever seen. I do hope you dig it though. It’s all hand built with love, no 3rd party scripts or anything like that. I want to be the Du Pont Registry for Kink online, at the end of the day. Also something you might guess about my writing is that I go off on tangents.

So as those of you know that follow me, Beautiful Foot Models was a membership site at one time. Actually Her Beautiful Feet is the current incarnation of BFM. Oh you didn’t know I made the kink as well Yeah, this is all, pretty much my life. And no don’t worry about me, I’m happy. I’m an obsessive fetishist, so making directories and cherry picking the best foot fetish content out there as well as the other niches I promote and have a deep love for, was made for me. Beautiful Foot Models now though, will be the creme de la creme of the best foot fetish content creators of all time, haha. Or at least that’s my dream for this., the directory that started it all will most likely be, shit I don’t even know that this point, but I hope something cool and something that gives back to the community that I love so much. Including you.

– Check out some of the stuff I’ve been up to (4k Preview) –

Check out Her Beautiful Feet

This index will get filled up at some point, especially the galleries, I know they don’t look like much right now, but Beautiful Foot Models, which used to be a membership site before I consolidated will now be an overflow gallery, with the exception that it’s a visual gallery. And the GUI looks freaking sick, if I do say so myself.? I think it looks much better on desktop, actually. I think that everything looks better on desktop. Although my visual directories are responsive and looks sweet on mobile, I am thinking about the long game though. An archive that 20 years from now, the new generation of footies will be able to browse too look back at “classic pics” of women’s feet from, well.. now..

And my fetish has a voracious appetite, obviously, since I own like 3 foot fetish directories right now. Social media has really changed everything the past couple of years. I started indexing feet on social media around 2014ish, but life and a string of idiotic relationships took most of my time back then. Now, being freshly single and all that, I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do and won’t ever forsake my impulses for someone else’s insecurity. In case you haven’t noticed, this is an ongoing article as well, haha.

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