Your Foot Fetish and the Pandemic

Your Foot Fetish and the Pandemic, an article that I really never thought that I’d have to write.  …and probably the only article out there on this subject as we are the only foot fetish directory that writes shit ;).  But this is my take on the whole thing..

It was 11:59 p.m. on New Years Eve, for 2020, my tongue deeply buried into the throat of a girl that I had found on Bumble.  She was a recovering alcoholic, typical for me, haha.  She was so interesting to me because she told me the night before when I was going down on her “sorry, it takes me ahile to cum, I’m on alot of meds”, and she was a psychologist, ha.  Online dating, ahhh le sigh.  And I fucking LOVE train wrecks.  I couldn’t drink, so I was just stoned, watching Anderson and the other guy flirt with each other.  Thinking after I pulled away and looked deeply into her eyes, “2020 is going to be the best year ever” I thought.

You could hear the whispers that it was coming, if you watched the news.  If you’re spiritual, you felt it..  And then it all became real when Trump had his Primetime national address, closing borders, airlines, an airborne pandemic with no vaccine, spreading uncontrollably, worldwide.  At that very moment, that thing inside of me that makes me perversion personified, deviancy, what makes me a foot fetishist, shifted.  Things had now become real and the monster knew, knew that the carefree frivolousness of just last night, that sociological relaxation where, if I really tried, I could wind up with female feet in my face.  Now?  After this?  I knew deep down that it was probably going to be years before I could experience that kind of “carefreedom” again.  Heart breaking and so sudden.  Those were the major thoughts that washed over me like a dark rain storm that blows up out of nowhere, catching one off guard.

I really thought it was going to be a short term thing, and with me being a programmer, you know, I can do remote and all of that, no problem. At the end of 2020, however, the pandemic really it got me off my ass last year, to continue building this crazy big network.  I run it all by myself, that’s why it seems to take so long for updates sometimes.  But I digress..

“At that very moment, that thing inside of me that makes me perversion personified, deviancy, what makes me a foot fetishist, shifted.”

Chaz Fontana

Fast forward into 2021, coming up on a year later and another 6 months to go.  People, before this were already isolated, from a sociological stand point.  Did you know that in 1990, a Columbia University study was conducted and found that the average American had between 25-33 connections with other people, that was their circle.  Of course back then, people were on rolodexes, not on a digital screen.  Fast forward to last year where the identical study found that now, as of 2018, people only had/have 3-7 connections in their circle.  Everything else is virtual, social media, people are defined by their peers, based on the instagram pages that they have.  No wonder most people feel more alone and isolated these days, even before the pandemic, vs now with the pandemic, having the collective volume of the universe, cranked up 500% on a constant basis

I would be willing to bet you a dollar that society as many of us remember it, most likely won’t be back for.. ahem.. awhile.  I did some research for this article, and most experts agree it will be a 7 – 10 years road to “normalicy”, with some more conservative numbers, stating up to a 15 year time frame.  What will it be like then?  Especially for a fetishist?

It’s difficult enough to meet people these days.  If you’re reading this, you are also most likely a fetishist or are kink inclined.  I would expect that you might feel this “dullness” inside as well.  Will I have to, in the future, further explain why I love to smell women’s sweaty feet?  (which I hate doing), and my dumb ass goes overboard since I’m also an intensity freak and so I like using “forceful” words when describing to women what I would like to do with them.

Will I have to pay more in the future?  I love pay to play with strangers (intensity freak).  All these questions, no clear answers..  I feel like if we had only had to do lockdown for say 3 months, like Europe and being able to turn society at large, back on.  Things might have gotten “back to normal”, much sooner, but now, coming up on a year anniversary and probably another year (from what I’ve read) until society in this country can try to get back to normal.  It’s just too long for over 300 million people to be in isolation.

I think it will be a whole process, at the end of the day.  I don’t feel that women at large, will be as willing to let us worship and smell their perfect feet on a whim, like pre 2019.  Now hustling for women’s stinky feet might be a success, using the power of money, but I don’t think. i’ll be able to just go into a night club, whip her heels off and give her feet a kiss, like I used to.  And that notion, definitely gives me pause..  I’m getting older, I will be 51 this year.  So if that is the case, then time is not my friend.  I know the power of youth and the less relevant and attractive I get, the more the odds might be stacked against me, to fulfill that deep, yawning itch.

So now my greatest fear will be that it won’t be until my late 50’s, early 60’s until society at large “relaxes” and as a foot fetishist, I would have missed so much.  This is just a sample of what I’m thinking about in these interesting times.  I wish you all well.

UPDATE – Now the news is saying that we might, in reality, be in lockdown until 2023 – 2024.  If it is truly going to be 3 – 4 more years, I believe that more than likely, society and personal interaction will be vastly different than anything that we have ever seen.  Will we be able to adapt as fetishists?  I believe so, the itch is too far down and too addictive to break.  I think, at least in my world, I’m going to have to offer some much higher “pay to play” style interactions with strangers now, as opposed to just giving a chick 20 – 30 bucks and having her get into my car, to rub her stinky feet in my face for 20 minutes or so, in a target parking lot, haha.  In all seriousness though, we will get through this and although many of you, I know are probably already in a self imposed “pandemic” lockdown of women’s feet, among other things.  On the other side, we aren’t the only kink community going through this, if it makes you feel any better.  We will continue to cover this ongoing story as it develops.  Be well, fellow footies.

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