Foot Fetish Archive, Page Five

Welcome to Page Five of our Foot Fetish Archive. More classic feet that helped shape the online foot fetish community that we have today.  Please enjoy this visual history of foot fetishism on the internet.

Feet Whores

Feet Whores has a large variety of Foot Fetish models doing pretty much everything under the sun that there is to do. A good site for variety!  You see lots of Foot Worship, Toe Sucking and all around good ol’ fashioned foot love.

Pedicure Girls

These cuties from Pedicure Girls give each other pedicures, then take turns smelling each others sweaty feet. You just may like this specialty foot loving site. It is pretty much solo models and women who just enjoy the scent of another woman.

Dirty Barefoot

Do you like being forced to worship women that have been walking barefoot in the mud and shit all day? If so, this site is right up your alley!  There is also a good amount of great Foot Worship photography as well, inside.

Perfect Feet Worship

A couple of lucky guys are featured here smelling and worshipping womens feet , and most times they are pretty stinky, which we love! Then after foot worship they pretty much fuck the shit out of them.  It’s a Foot Sex site.

Kelly’s Foot Fetish

She used to have a dedicated foot fetish site.  Now she’s still online and you can find her HERE.  But her feet were too cute not to include in this index..  She definitely filled the MILF Foot Goddess niche really well and still does with her content creation.

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