Foot Fetish Archive, Page Two

Welcome to Page Two of our Foot Fetish Archive. More classic feet that helped shape the online foot fetish community that we have today.  Please enjoy this visual history of foot fetishism on the internet.

Lexi’s Foot Fetish

Lexi’s Foot Fetish had been around for the large majority of the 2000’s. I checked on her a couple of years ago and she was still online, so I am not sure when she went 404. RIP Lexi’s website.

Natasha Sweet

Natasha Sweet was online from 1998 until 2005. Her site had languished for a year or two before she closed up shop.

Shoebox Models

Shoebox Models had a very nice stable of above average foot models in his or her stable. They were online for what? 7-8 years in the 2000’s. They are missed.

My Long Toenails

Had the honor of talking to Ann of My Long Toenails once, and she was online for almost a decade. God bless that woman, wherever she is. Still, one of the most beautiful pair of feet online.

Hot Gigi Girl

Hot Gigi Girl was all the rage, back in 2001 – 2003ish. She was literally everywhere. And you can see why, with her hot European features and beautiful feet.

Divine Domination

Divine Domination was online from the mid 2000’s to 2001 or so. I loved the ALT look of her. She’s still online, but has completely revamped her site. So if you’re inclined, check out her OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

Nikita’s Feet

Nikita’s Feet were from Italia and I was absolutely in love with her feet back in the day, as well as the wide variety of content that she had, as well.

Vynl Queen

Vynl Queen was around for over a decade in the early 2000’s. I always thought her feet were just beautiful. And alot of her content was foot fetish specific, so she got the whole thing 😉

Maitresse Yasmin

Maitresse Yasmin is an Egyptian Pro Domme and again, her feet were so beautiful, that I had to index her as soon as I saw how lovely she was. She was online from 2009 – 2013.

Stacy’s Place

I really enjoyed Stacy’s Place, as it seemed like the owner of of the site had, pretty much, the same tastes as me. Long toenails, full nails beds and cuteness everywhere. Amateur content all day long, but it was real. The site wavers between being online and 404, these days. Feel free to check Stacy’s Place to see if it’s up!

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