Foot Fetish Archive, Page Four

Welcome to Page Four of our Foot Fetish Archive. More classic feet that helped shape the online foot fetish community that we have today. Please enjoy this visual history of foot fetishism on the internet.

Girls Cute Feet

Girls Cute Feet was an independent site, bought by a big affiliate program which dropped the site 3 years later, so… yeah.

Kaylaa Rae

Kaylaa Rae was literally one of the hottest foot models online, waaaaay back in 2003. She went offline in August 2006.

My Toes 4 U

Liedy has been online for awhile and so out of respect, she is a OG Digital Foot Diva, Bam, like that! Really though she has a lot of content, tis an Amateur website and she has had years to get her content up and going. She is very nice and so here ya go, enjoy!

Lucy’s Toes

Lucy’s Toes was one of the first ebony foot models that I indexed back in 2000. She went offline in 2006.

Sultry Sasha

Sultry Sasha was also a popular one back in the day. And she was also a shy one as you can see, but she was quite possibly, the net’s first foot MILF out there, back in 2002.

Exotic Foot Models

Exotic Foot Models came and went like a thief in the night back in 2006 and I really wanted them to succeed.

Foot Vixens

Foot Vixens was, at one point, back in 2003, one of the most profitable websites on the net, they went 404 in 2012.

Olive’s Long Toenails

I was instantly mesmerized when I came to this Russian man’s wife, Olive’s Long Toenails showing off her beautiful, long toenails. In various colors and in and out of pantyhose. Her feet are pretty much, …well …Perfect! Enjoy her as much as I did!

Teen Foot Club

This quality Foot Fetish site, Teen Foot Club that focuses on Hot Teens with Sweaty Feet is a great deal. You get access to like 20 other sites with membership here! So it is very much your worthwhile to spend the extra membership fee.


This guy has some pretty cute foot fetish pics and foot fetish models on his site. You would be missing out if you didn’t check him out! He seems to have a pretty good selection of Pretty Models with Pretty Feet as well.

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