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Welcome to Foot Adoration.  We work our asses off, indexing the hottest feet that the internet has to offer.  If you are looking for some of the Hottest Foot Fetish Babes, we got it.  We also have some rather obscure foot fetish content as well from sites, that are sadly, no longer with us.  That being said, please support our community and all of the websites listed here, that were cool enough to share their promotional content with you!

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– From Chaz Fontana

I feel that sometimes I am only here to serve women.  The feminine mystique and everything that comes along with it.  I feel most at home, at the feet of a woman, I have all my life, it’s all I know.  Foot Adoration is such a big “Thank You” for all of the women out there who have ever been Alpha enough and brave enough to put yourselves on the internet for a bunch of strangers to beat off to and critique.  Thank you for paving the way and for letting all of us wayward foot fetishists worship your feet with our minds for the past few decades…

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FA News for August 2018

I haven’t been here on the front end in forever.  Always updating the tube.  So sorry about that.  I am going through the sites, updating the 404 (offline sites), kinda dreading seeing who has dropped off since I’ve been gone.  It’s so important to support the sites you dig.  Seriously!  I used to have over 300 foot fetish sites indexed here.  Now, I have maybe 50.  Just sad.

Updating the GUI version to 3.5 this week.  Some subtle changes, no biggie.  Latest versions for all software, Cosmetic changes and Indexing new foot fetish sites.  Although there just isn’t alot out there anymore.  Looking forward to the fall, hope you all are well.

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